WOLVIE success assures us there will be more superhero movies — UPDATE

No worries! WOLVERINE topped the box office, and set records, and that was just for the number of copywriters who used the words “claws” in their headlines: Scoring an important win for the franchise, 20th Century Fox’s prequel “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” grossed an estimated $87 million from 4,099 runs to mark the studio’s best-ever non-holiday […]

Linkage, comings and goings

§ Superboy??? Jeff Trexler looks at the possible legal reasons for the character’s return and reminds us that the Superman trial is underway right now: A settlement is one possibility, though at present it seems a relatively less likely explanation. The court record in the Superboy lawsuit contains no reference to a finalized settlement. To […]

You may just spend the rest of the day watching this

Alan Moore, Joe Quesada, Dan Didio, Paterson Joseph and Rich Johnston are mesmerizing! PS: We posted this Sunday but moved it up just in case you missed it. Surely when the history of Comics in the Aughts is written, this will be the apotheosis. Go here so you can make it FULL SCREEN. The bigger […]