Guesting on Comic News Insider!

The Beat and Future Mr. Beat were guests on “Comic News Insider: Episode 194″. The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald joins us in studio along with up and coming writer Ben McCool for a lengthy and Twitteriffic show! After a tasty BBQ and many drinks, the gang sallies forth to record a show. Uh-oh. 4 chatty […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 4/28/09

§ Evan Dorkin passes on the ways of his tribe to his child, Emily via WALT AND SKEEZIX: Anyway, as I posted recently, some cheap copies popped up on Amazon, and we purchased one for the framing project. Our plan hasn’t quite worked out, however, as Emily has started reading the second copy, and has […]

Comics ad second life as viral poster? Or just a booboo?

A bunch of movie sites are posting today that a viral teaser poster for THE SURROGATES has been released (more, see Splash Page.) While the fellow in the ad does look a bit like Bruce Willis, who stars in the film, we’re told by Chris Staros and others that it is actually one of the […]

Comics Alliance is back; now with Laura Hudson

Well, the source of Comic Foundry senior editor Laura Hudson’s Twitter glee over blogging has been revealed: AOL has relaunched its Comics Alliance blog and Hudson is the blogger on the bubble. RSS feed added — check! Welcome to my world, girl! My #1 blogging tip is to remember to stand up and walk around […]

Pope’s Adam Strange

Do we link to just about every piece of art Paul Pope posts? Well, maybe, but when it looks as good as this page of STRANGE ADVENTURES art for WEDNESDAY COMICS, how can anyone resist? Here is the first of the 12 episodes of STRANGE ADVENTURES (starring Adam Strange) which will appear in Wednesday Comics, […]

Everybody Is Stupid Except for Me by Peter Bagge

The Flog Blog at Fantagraphics previews one of this summer’s must-haves: Everybody Is Stupid Except for Me by Peter Bagge, which reprints his various comics for Reason and other places. The site has a slideshow, ordering info, and a ton of other extras, like a screensaver. And here’s a link to a 12-page preview.

Christy onboard at Archaia

So what’s the deal at Archaia Press? The company foundered about a year ago as it sought new investors, and was rumored to be purchased by Devil’s Due at one point, but it ended up being acquired by former DD partner PJ Bickett, whose current title is President. Founder Mark Smylie is in place as […]

The Mark Waid interview

Everyone is talking about this career-spanning interview with writer/BOOM! EIC Mark Waid at AICN. In a comics media drowning in promotional interviews, the long, in-depth interview is a thing of the past (or a TwoMorrows publication) but this one pulls out the stops, and Waid spells out his version of some of the most colorful […]

Wolverine Week everywhere!

Are you counting down to the theatrical release of X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE? Or at least to a few hours of shirtless Hugh Jackman? Well, so is everyone else. We’ll try to survey some of the best stuff around the web. Living Between Wednesdays has an excellent overview of the flood of Wolvie products out there, […]

Great moments in comics PR

We just don’t have time or inclination to summarize all the comics-related PR we get each and every day, but in deference to our publicist pals, every once in a while something jumps out that must be pondered. For instance here’s a good one from Archie: IT’S CELEBRITIES AND SUPER-MODELS AS BETTY & VERONICA DIVE […]

Studio coffee run: 30 DAYS, Megan Fox in HEX

§ A 30 DAYS OF NIGHT sequel is in the works, but it will probably be direct to DVD. Cinematical has deets, Actually this is a pick up from a Splash Page interview with Niles that ran last week: According to [creators Steve] Niles, a script has already been submitted, and he is hard at […]

Web ephemera: When Legends Gather

Very much Not Comics, but we were tooling around and found this blog called If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There’d Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats, which has a feature called “When Legends Gather,” and you will probably spend a lot of time looking at it. As you might guess, it’s photos of […]

Bea Arthur and Star Wars

We have failed to properly mark the passing of Bea Arthur, but must now remedy that. As our pal Zena pointed out, there are now as many surviving Golden Girls as Beatles. As we probably noted when Estelle Getty passed away, our step-dad produced Golden Girls for a few years, so we know all about […]

Tonight: Kim, Oleksyk, Reklaw

Via the First Second blog: Derek Kirk Kim, Sarah Oleksyk, and Jesse Reklaw read from their latest works at Powell’s Books this coming Monday, April 27th. Kim will debut his latest graphic novel, “The Eternal Smile” (in collaboration with writer Gene Luen Yang) from First Second Books, Oleksyk will read from a brand new chapter […]

Twitter can’t destroy civilization fast enough

We meant to comment on this piece by Lucas Siegel from Blog@Newsarama for days, but never got around to it; the title was “My Opinion Is Right: Comics Press is Crippled Like No Other Industry” but despite that bold statement, the offending incident came from Marvel’s very active staff Twitter community There has been a […]

Comings and goings

Some random personnel moves that have crossed our paths of late. • Former Comics Foundry Senior Editor Laura Hudson has been teasing a new blogging gig on her Twitter, but no announcement yet. • Likewise, former Wizard staffer Kiel Phegley has an unnamed new gig, as well, and will cease writing for • Editor […]