PictureBox Gallery launches

Dan Nadel writes to tell us of a new art site, the PictureBox Gallery, that should repay more than a few visits. We are pleased to announce our new online venture, PictureBox Gallery (www.pictureboxgallery.org). On this specially curated site you’ll be able to view and purchase artwork from artists associated with venerable ol’ PictureBox, including […]

Broken Frontier relaunches

Broken Frontier, the long-running “some news and reviews” site, has officially relaunched with some new ideas for content. You can read the PR below, but the site is a nice looking aggregation of the usual news, some previews, and reviews. Site head honcho Frederik Hautain and the rest of the crew have been at this […]

Tonight: The Greatest Films You Never Saw, Wolverine talk

Tonight, a very cool event takes place at The Boiler in Williamsburg, NY: THE GREATEST FILMS YOU NEVER SAW with DEWANATRON An evening of vintage silent 16mm entertainment curated by Mark Newgarden Comedies, Cartoons, Vaudeville acts, Scientific curiosities, Erotic dances, Strange people’s home movies, Something for everybody–even YOU! Live musical accompaniment by Dewanatron (Leon Dewan […]

More on BEA

Jim Milliot and Rachel Deahl have more on this year’s scaled-down BookExpo America: The exhibit floor at this year’s BookExpo America will look different from the hall at the 2008 BEA in Los Angeles and even from 2007, when the event was last held at New York’s Javits Center. That is not necessarily a bad […]

More on Archaia Studios Press

Following up on what we touched on yesterday, Shaun Manning has much more on the revived Archaia Studios Press at CBR, interviewing Mark Smylie, PJ Bickett and Stephen Christy. “Kunoichi stepped in late last year and since then PJ and I have been working on our publishing schedule for 2009,” Mark Smylie told CBR News. […]

San Diego news and notes

Hurry, children, hurry. Only a few Thursday and Sunday tickets are left. We thought it would be sold out in April, but it looks like there will be slots available through May. Going for a single day may not be such a bad idea if you’re looking to get a taste of the big show. […]

Studio Coffee Run, 4/29/09

§ Today’s option: THE FORGOTTEN has been picked up by producers John Wells and Don Murphy. The comic book, by Evan Young and Jareth Grealish, was self-published and concerns a man who gets forgotten five minutes after he does or says anything. While it gives him great power and leeway as far as investigations and […]

Guesting on Comic News Insider!

The Beat and Future Mr. Beat were guests on “Comic News Insider: Episode 194”. The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald joins us in studio along with up and coming writer Ben McCool for a lengthy and Twitteriffic show! After a tasty BBQ and many drinks, the gang sallies forth to record a show. Uh-oh. 4 chatty […]