This weekend: Kids Comic Con

The annual event, focused on children’s graphic book material and organized by Alex Simmons, comes to the Bronx tomorrow: The KIDS COMIC CON 2009 is set for April 25th at Bronx Community College (181st Street & University Avenue, Bronx, NY 10453). And yep, even though the economy is struggling like Superman surrounded by Kryptonite, the […]

The wisdom of Todd Klein

Since we’re not posting much today, you should spend all your time reading Todd Klein’s blog. It’s like sitting around rapping with the Socrates of comics logo design — and there’ no hemlock at the end. Klein has a three-part examination of the logos of AMALGAM COMICS which looks at how back in the late […]

This week’s NYT Graphic Books chart

As always, WATCHMEN and NARUTO top this week’s Graphic Books Best Seller List. Tatsumi’s epic A DRIFTING LIFE debuts at #3 on the paperback list, reflecting the surge from the huge article in the New York Times last week. The list has definitely calmed down now, and resembles way more closely what you would see […]

Comic Shop Locator app for iPhone?

Hm. Check out this video we found for what looks like a demo of a Comics Shop Locator app for the iPhone. In the demo, the demonstrator uses both GPS and typing in a zip code to find nearby stores. The poster is listed as Diamond Comics, so you can probably figure out who’s behind […]

RIP: Jack Cardiff

We’re a little under the weather today, so it’s late and light, but we had to make mention of this Not Comics obit: The legendary cinematographer Jack Cardiff has died at age 94: An Oscar winner for Black Narcissus, in 1948, Cardiff’s career as cinematographer spanned an astonishing eight decades, with his career in films […]