Cool Stuff: Parker preview by Darwyn Cooke

The first of three adaptations of Richard Stark’s Parker novels by Darwyn Cooke is coming out this summer, and IDW has a preview of THE HUNTER. As you might expect, given that it’s Darwyn Cooke, there should be no surprise that it looks…delicious. Click the link for the whole thing.

Tonight To Do: Photographer Exhibit

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and First Second Books are pleased to present a unique exhibit featuring photos and illustrations from the graphic novel The Photographer. This exhibit offers a sample of the book that combines the late photojournalist Didier Lefèvre’s dramatic images and Emmanuel Guibert’s stunning artwork to bear witness to the hardships […]

Earth Day with Comics Zombies

Sean Kleefield does all a favor by rounding up the full slate of Earth Day Comics from our dying newspapers’ funny pages. Since we hadn’t looked at a newspaper comic strip page in…many a moon, it was a nice way to relax. Of course, we know there are only two you care about… Mark Trail! […]

SALT WATER TAFFY goes online

We forgot to pot this news, but everyone else did, but it’s still too good not to pass along: SALT WATER TAFFY, Matt Loux’s charming series about youthful adventurers, is going to run as a webcomic in addition to the regular printed versions: “When I was working on THE TRUTH ABOUT DR.TRUE, SALT WATER TAFFY […]

SIN CITY 2 is on the loose

Well now, despite some hearty protestations when the story first surfaced, it seems that Dimension/the Weinsteins have indeed lost the rights to make a SIN CITY sequel. The sequel rights to “Sin City,” Frank Miller’s popular noir comic, are being shopped around Hollywood, in what appears to be a sign that Dimension Films has lost […]

Breaking news: Susan Boyle plucks eyebrows

This is a public service announcement. It seems that Susan Boyle’s makeover has begun. The most famous woman in the world has trimmed her brows from a stormy hedge that would frighten small children into screaming, dropping their ice cream cones, and running away to a more delicate line that brings out her bone structure. […]