HUNTRESS mystery solved — for real, this time — FINALE

Okay so arriving at my Publishers Weekly desk today, I found the following: And what do you think was in these two boxes? Several other people we know were shipped copies from Amazon as well. So…in the end, this was just a writer promoting a book via sending out copies. Nothing sinister. We’re guessing that […]

Today’s must read: Content on cell phones

Have you heard? People are reading things on mobile phones! But we may not be reading them quite as much as folks do in Japan, as this long, informative article in The Independent on the huge success of keitai — novels written for and read on mobile phones. In Japan, five of last year’s top […]

Ted Rall laid off at United Media

Alan Gardner reports that Ted Rall and eight others were laid off from United Media, the cartoon and content syndication giant. Ted Rall, who worked as the Editor of Acquisitions and Development at United Media has been laid off last Thursday. Ted tells me that eight other individuals were also let go and that his […]

Marvel fourth biggest brand

License Global magazine has released its top 50 licensing companies, and toon-based behemoths once again top the list (last year’s ranking in parentheses): 1. Disney Consumer Products $30 billion (1) 2. Iconix $6.5 billion (4) 3. Warner Brothers Consumer Products $6 billion (3) 4. Marvel Entertainment $5.7 billion (5) 5. Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products […]

Attention! Everyone on the internet!

Since people seem to love spreading my two-word descriptions, here are some that you should absolutely quote out of context any time you like: “terrific Tezuka” “brilliant Beto” “genius Jaime”* “unbelievable Urasawa” “fantastic Huizenga” “great Umezu” “brilliant Barry” Okay? I’ll go work up some more this afternoon. *Alert — NOT consonance! “Jaime” is pronounced “high-meh”

Buenaventura Press and Diamond make theirs comic books

Via email, an announcement from Buenaventura Press, the publisher of such fine comics as KRAMERS ERGOT and BOYS CLUB: Despite the ‘industry trend’ of cancelling comic books to focus on graphic novels, Buenaventura Press boldly plans to release half a dozen actual comics over the coming year. We love the serial format that gave us […]

What happened to Anne Cleveland

In 2006, on the old Beat, I wrote a post called “Women in Comics: Who is Anne Cleveland?” and I wondered if there hadn’t been more now forgotten women who created comics prior to…well, whenever you think women started making a significant contribution to comics, which is usually about 20 years from the present day. […]

Green Lantern’s greatest feat?

We weren’t entirely hep to what Rich Johnston was talking about the other day, but the Coventry Telegraph has made an image that even a dullard could interpret and it seems that Green Lantern is making crop circles! Out of oilseed rape! (please, no Women in Refrigerators comments.) Over at Comic Book Resources, Rich Johnston […]

Actor shocker: Writing comics is HARD!

Among its many interviews with nerdlebrities enamored of the wonderful world of comics, MTV’s Splash Page caught up with James Marsters, formerly of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, who had his run-in with comics writing TEN years ago. But the experience was so traumatizing that his resentment has simmered to this day, eclipsing such things as […]

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