Platinum $20 million in the red

Hm, whatever happened to Platinum and their 5000 comic book properties? It’s been a while since we checked in, but luckily, Van Jensen has just taken a look at Platinum Studios’ year end report — available free right here — and the picture is…not good. Right off the bat, the company is $20 million in […]

Super Links

§ Before we get going, we know you always read “Lying in the Gutters,” but this week’s is even better than usual, with a look at the LOEG lawsuit, an analysis of Neil Gaiman’s royalty structure, and some new shenanigans from the usual suspects. PEOPLE: § Former Marvel editor Laurie Sutton is blogging and reminiscing […]

HUNTRESS soars up the charts…huh??!?

Okay, here’s today’s mystery achievement, and perhaps SOMEONE somewhere can give us a clue. As of 10 pm last evening, HUNTRESS: YEAR ONE by Ivory Madison and Cliff Richards was the #10 bestseller on Amazon. Not comics bestseller. BEST-SELLING BOOK. If you don’t believe us, here’s the screen grab! (Click for larger version.) Don’t get […]

Steve Breen wins 2009 Pulitzer

Steve Breen of the San Diego Union-Tribune won this year’s Pulitzer Prize for cartooning. As others have pointed out, the Pulitzer Prize winners this year seem particularly … absurd, given the media woes everywhere. For instance, the Union-Tribune is on the endangered list for daily metropolitan newspapers. Another Pulitzer winner was laid off back in […]

2009 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize winners

The 13th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize winners have been announced, and for the first time…there was a tie! Fumi Yoshinaga’s Ōoku: The Inner Chamber, and Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s A Drifting Life. Yoshinaga’s science fiction examination of gender roles comes out from Viz in August; Tatsumi’s epic autobiography is out from D&Q any minute now. Two other […]

Tezuka/Urasawa comparison

Xavier Guilbert makes the chart you all wanted , showing the original Tezuka characters from ASTRO BOY side-by-side with the Urasawa remakes from PLUTO. It’s mind-boggling the degree to which Urasawa has imbued Tezuka’s chipper, cartoony characters with a sense of sinister doom and unease, but you know, that’s why they call them great. [Link […]

C for Coloring

Over at his blog, David Lloyd talks about the coloring on V FOR VENDETTA: In my view, what had prompted Dick to offer me that choice between colour and b/w from the high position he occupied in a company which was built on colour comics, was the remarkable success of some of the b/w indie […]

Climb every mountain

Sigh. Every once in a while, the image uploader on The Beat just takes a holiday. It’s like a play by Alberto Casella. It was a long time until we had the uninterrupted time to sit down and figure it out, but we did, and now things are working just fine and dandy again. But […]

Today’s comment-fodder post

Ryan at Comicsfodder rounds up all the things that Marvel and DC have done lately to show that they don’t take female readers very seriously, and points out something we’ve noted ourselves: I’ve never really been certain why Marvel gets such a free ride on the misogyny front when watching DC’s every panel has become […]