Jackman plugs Free Comic Book Day

Via Diamond, a PSA for Free Comic Book Day by…Hugh Jackman, with a WOLVERINE trailer following. Also coming: A more generic “Support comics” PSA from Jackman. First off: Can Hugh Jackman get any dreamier? He’s certainly not afraid to be associated with musical comedy, so comics are no reach for this leading man. It’s a […]

That darned New York Times bestseller list!

Now that the New York Times‘ online-only Graphic Books Chart has been around for a month or so, people are beginning to wonder just how the heck it works. It’s almost like one of those steampunk automatons — shiny and mysterious at the same time, and no one quite knows where it came from. Kevin […]

Missing girl in Colorado

BLOG@ reports that webcomics artist Frank Frisina’s niece is missing in Colorado. The girl is 14 years old (5/5/94), 5 feet 5, 120/130 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes and vanished Saturday afternoon on the way to a friend’s house. More information is available at Frisina’s blog, which has crashed at the moment […]

Snake’N’Bacon on Adult Swim

Around Stately Beat Manor, few names are held in such reverence as that of Michael Kupperman, because he makes us laugh tears of unfettered joy and abandon. Well, not only is a new Tales Designed To Thrizzle upon us (a collection looming — can such laughs even be survived?) but a Snake’N’Bacon pilot will air […]

Aroo, Nell Brinkley, Milt Gross — is there no end to these riches?

How on earth are we supposed to find money and shelf space for all the incredible books of fantastic historical material that keeps flooding out? Who knew that so much of the good stuff would all be available? § Chris Duffy notes that King Aroo is coming!, in reference to the cult comic strip by […]

March comics sales down but not out

ICv2’s monthly sales analysis for March went up yesterday, and it was something of a grim milestone: For the first time since March of 2001, the month that ICv2 began tracking sales of periodical comics through Diamond Comic Book Distributors, no comic sold more than 100,000 copies in March of 2009. While sales of periodical […]

Quick Iinks: Takahashi, Tatsumi, Ellis

§ Everyone is digging this online thing. Rumiko Takahashi’s new manga will debut simultaneously in the US and Japan, but the US debut will be as a webcomic: U.S. manga publisher Viz Media and Japan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday will join forces to present Rin-Ne, a new series by international manga superstar Rumiko Takahashi, simultaneously in […]