DC Month-to-Month Sales: February 2009

by Marc-Oliver Frisch [Please note that Marc-Oliver Frisch is offline for a few weeks, so he will not be able to answer any questions in the comments immediately.] DC Comics’ average periodical sales in the direct market declined further in February 2009. They dropped to just above 23,000 units, yet another new low since Diamond […]

Pamphlet vs Book, round 12

A few ruminations on the Fate of the Pamphlet: • Chris Butcher catches the same Chris Oliveros quote that we did and has some thoughts on it: I’m just like ranting here, but yeah. It’s really, really hard for a graphic novelist to lock themselves up for a year or two, with little-to-no feedback and […]

Do the Eisner Awards ignore manga?

Noah Berlatsky sums up similar thoughts by David Welsh and Simon Jones on the dearth of manga titles and creators among the recent Eisner Award nominations: Manga doesn’t need the Eisners. I do wonder, though, whether it’s true that the Eisners don’t need manga. Or, to put it another way — manga has opened comics […]

South Park humbles Kanye

In addition to its many other achievements — torturing Saddam Hussein, preventing Steven Spielberg from ruining the Indiana Jones DVD, alerting Americans to the Canadian menace — South Park can now add taking Kanye West down a notch: SOUTH PARK MURDERED ME LAST NIGHT AND IT’S PRETTY FUNNY. IT HURTS MY FEELINGS BUT WHAT CAN […]

Sutton’s IN BLOOM

In remembrance of the 15th anniversary this week of the suicide of Kurt Cobain, cartoonist Ward Sutton offers“In Bloom, an alternate take on the life and times of everyone’s favorite dead grunge idol.”

All the old José Luis García-López you could want

Not far-fetched at all. So it’s settled then, right? Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez is the best artists in comics, right? I know, I know… “best” is a highly subjective term, so let’s get it clear: Garcia-Lopez can draw just about anything with masterful elegance and natural subtlety. He can make the mundane seem compelling and the […]