GREEN RIVER KILLER roams at Dark Horse

In more upbeat Dark Horse news, a preview of this weekend’s Emerald City Con includes news of an intriguing nonfiction graphic novel: an account of the horrific Green River Killer by the son of the detective who arrested him. Gary L. Ridgway was convicted in 2003 of murdering 48 women over a 20 year period […]

Some trimming at Dark Horse

The Beat has learned that editor Rob Simpson was recently laid off at Dark Horse. Simpson, an industry vet who formerly worked at DC, was the Senior Editor in charge of Dark Horse’s prose books line, which includes original novels, nonfiction, a series of Playboy Interview collections and various fantasy novels — including the recently […]

15 Reasons Not to Download WOLVERINE: #1 Naked Wolverine

Vengeance and ire continue to flood Hollywood in the wake of the leaked WOLVERINE workprint. Fox has called in the FBI to help investigate the case; meanwhile, Australian effects house Rising Sun denies they are the leak source, although their name appears a few minutes into the print. Meanwhile, director Gavin Hood has been on […]

Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá STINK!

Well, the winners of the April Fool’s Contest is definitely those mild-mannered twins Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, who got EVERYONE with the announcement that CASANOVA, the former Image book written by Matt Fraction with art by Moon, would be returning as a webcomic. It didn’t seem to be so outrageous an announcement that it […]

World leaders bow to Rowling

As the most powerful political leaders on earth gathered at a G20 dinner on Wednesday, they still flocked like groupies around JK Rowling: The President made a beeline for Miss Rowling, at the end of the Downing Street G20 dinner, and told her that he had read all her books himself and to his children […]

Cartoon Last Supper offends some San Diegans

A painting by Glen Tarnowski refitting Da Vinci’s Last Supper to include Bugs Bunny, the Grinch, and other toons has offended some passers-by in Old Town, San Diego.. The painting is hanging in the front window of the Chuck Jones Gallery, and provoked a mixed reaction from the locals: “We never intended to offend anyone,” […]

Marvel’s thrifty ways, part XVII

Kim Masters at The Daily Beast has a story on how movie studios are cutting movie star salaries and perks, and, unsurprisingly, Marvel Studios is used as an example: You’re Scarlett Johansson. You’re pretty and you’re pretty famous, too. And you’ve just been offered the part of the Black Widow in Iron Man 2! That’s […]

Random world, random links

§ This week’s obligatory “Did you hear? Graphic novels are cool!” piece comes from Tim Martin at the UK Telegraph. Unlike other adapters, he’s sympathetic to those who aren’t converted yet: But comics continue to divide opinion. I have several friends who will read anything as long as it’s a comic, and several who will […]