ShoWest’s growing obsolescence

The annual ShoWest confab is wrapping up in Vegas today. Begun as a trade show for NATO, the National Association of Theatre Owners, the show became, at its height, a place for studios to hype the year’s biggest film releases to an audience of appreciative theater owners — think a retailer trade show, only with […]

Joe Shuster Award nominees announced

The 2009 Joe Shuster Award nominees, presented to the best in Canadian comics, have been announced. It’s a long list, so see them all in the cut. More info, including the nominee committees here. Between January and March 2009, the Nominees were selected from master lists of eligible works originally published in English and/or French […]

TEEN BOAT video!

Cartoonist/Nickelodeon Magazine editor Dave Roman writes to say that JC Roberts (brother of Scott Roberts) animated a music video based on TEEN BOAT, the mini-comic series created by Roman and John Green. It features a new wave song written and performed by yet another cartoonist, Abby Denson(who also appears as a character in the video).

James Kochalka dream video game

Following Kochalka’s account of a particularly vivid dream featuring a video game, a fan made a video game based on the dream! So, you might remember that last week, while sick with a fever, I invented & played a videogame in my dreams. Well, yesterday, a fan sent me a working version of the game […]

Lost: Open Thread

[Note: Due to a new work schedule, I was unable to watch this week’s episode of Lost in time to write the regular Day After column. We’ll cut and paste it in here sometime Thursday after getting caught up. For now, Let’s just call this an Open Thread.] Is this another week where a below […]


The date of this press release announcing a new Six Flags BIZARRO ride at Great Adventure had us suspecting a clever April 1 gag but after checking around, we found this story in the Asbury Park Press and it’s the real deal! Apparently the theme of a new floorless ride at the park was a […]


Who wants to buckle a swash? SLG has announced a serialized adaptation of Rafael Sabatini’s classic novel of sea-faring adventure Captain Blood, to be written by Matthew Shepherd and drawn by Mike Shoykhet. A trailer and preview are available here. Peter Blood had always been a driven man. He was a soldier, a sailor, a […]

Alt weekly comics strips given no reprieve

Tom Tomorrow reprints correspondence that indicates that things aren’t any better for alternative weekly comics than they were a few months ago. To no one’s surprise the “temporary” Village Voice Media suspension of cartoons continues indefinitely. I haven’t been contacted myself, but one of my colleagues got this email: I had said we would review […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 4/2/09

§ The Comics Reporter has two lengthy copiously illustrated posts with lots and lots of webcomics suggestions — check out many or a few. § Kiel Phegley ties together editorial process, Wizard magazine editorial process, and a long ago Evan Dorkin review: Issues of Wizard in those days were jam-packed with massive list features that […]