CASANOVA returns as webcomic?

Seeing as it’s April 1st, this cannot be seen as totally verified but at least there’s some nice art to go along with it. Fabio Moon announces that he and Matt Fraction are bringing CASANOVA back as a webcomic: New Casanova is coming. Starting tomorrow, out of the blue, we’ll be starting the new story […]

Best of April Fools

From around the net, a Pandora’s box of the nearly plausible, yet clearly risible. (For the record we’re not big on practical jokes, but we love the imaginative ones.) First off, Trent Reznor’s diss on Chris Cornell wins the prize for just the right mix of sly jabs and elaborate execution. In the comics tab: […]

DC Blogs!

Alex Segura is now blogging all the DCU news at a new DC blog, The Source: Basically, The Source is your one-stop shop for all things DC Universe — news, previews, behind-the-scenes info and a direct pipeline to the creators and editors putting together your favorite DC Comics. Whether it’s a first look at an […]

PLANETARY #27 almost done?

NOT APRIL FOOL’S…apparently. Warren Ellis reveals that the years-in-the-making PLANETARY #27 may actually be nearing the finish line. While I was in London getting bladdered being a responsible writer yesterday, I got an email from DC Wildstorm to tell me that John Cassaday was, apparently without warning, uploading the complete art for #27 into their […]

Fox fury over leaked WOLVERINE

NOT April Fool’s — a workprint of the new X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE movie has been leaked and is propagating everywhere right now, much to the dismay of releasing studio Fox. The so-called work-print copy is said to be a high-quality, full-length version of the film without time codes or a studio watermark, though some special […]

Recession Watch: Baker & Taylor fights lowered rating

Well, this can’t be good. Baker & Taylor, the self-proclaimed “world’s largest distributor of books and entertainment”, insists they aren’t in trouble, even though their credit rating has been downgraded. On February 20th, Moody’s lowered B&T’s default rating to B3, due to the distributor’s rising debts. A B&T spokesperson denies they are in danger of […]

Recession Watch: Borders announces big loss

Borders, the embattled bookstore chain, announced their numbers on Tuesday, and they showed, not surprisingly, a huge loss. A series of one-time charges and lower sales lead to a loss from continuing operations of $184.7 million at Borders Group for the year ended January 31 compared to a loss of $157.4 million in the previous […]

Thoughts and voices

§ Toronto retailer Chris Butcher live blogs the Previews catalog as he makes his order. Have you always wanted to know what it was like to be a comics retailer on the day that the PREVIEWS catalogue is due and it’s 2:47pm and you haven’t even looked inside yet? NOW YOU CAN. In a… surprising… […]

Wolverine sippy cup?

According to ICv2, you will be able to suck a Slurpee from Wolverine after all, as 7-Eleven plans a big Wolverine movie tie-in. The Collectible Slurpee Straws come with a removable figure and a base on which to display it, while the refillable Wolverine Coffee Mug features Wolverine’s trademark triple claw slash mark. The 7-Eleven […]