Gemstone ends Disney license?

Numerous reports today that Gemstone, the publishing arm of Diamond Distributors, is ending its Disney license, meaning that the core Disney characters once again have no American publisher. According to a post on The Disney Comics Blog: Gary Leach, who has been doing art and editorial work for US Disney comics for over two decades, […]

The Times on comics price increases

George Gene Gustines looks at Marvel and DC’s comic book price increases in the NY Times: Mr. Buckley felt that, because of comic books’ origin in the world of pulp and disposable entertainment, the effort that goes into their creation is sometimes underestimated. “Comics are a legit form of entertainment, and there are highly respected […]

Sexy Spidey outrages mom

As reported late last week, a mother in Millard, Nebraska was shocked by the sexual undertones in a Spider-Man graphic novel that her six-year-old son checked out of the local school library: “It has a lot of sexual undertones in here, as far as sexuality goes,” she said. “They can learn this through any other […]

S. Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust

Back in November, underground cartooning legend S. Clay Wilson suffered a severe brain injury that has left him incapacitated. While at first it was feared that Wilson would not survive, he has made a lot of progress — he’s laughing and drawing again but will need supervised care for the rest of his life. That […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 3/30/09

Comic-strip book reviews are the new YouTube book review! Alison Bechdel reviews A Pocket History of Sex in the Twentieth Century by Jane Vandenburgh for the comics-loving New York Times. § J.K. Parkin has a nice article on comics that were never finished or ended under unusual circumstances. There are old time classics like MIRACLEMAN […]

Loverman by Paul Pope

Paul Pope teases a page from “Loverman”, a story for the French comics magazine Pilote. “Loverman is an American parody of a French parody of the American comic books the French would’ve seen in the 1970s.”

New Jim Rugg project

Over at his LJ, Jim Rugg (Street Angel, Plain Janes) posts some test art and sketches from an upcoming graphic novel. More news to come, he writes.

New Gary Baseman art

If you’re in LA in early May, you may want to check out a new Gary Baseman art show at the Corey Helford Gallery, billed as “La Noche de la Fusión”: …a colorful and climactic solo exhibition of new works by Pervasive Los Angeles artist Gary Baseman. Joining Corey Helford for the first time, Baseman […]

Indie Comics Month-to-Month Sales: February 2009

by Steve Horton [Ed’s note: We’re running this column as something of an experiment. Let us know what you think, publicly…or privately.] Welcome to a monthly column on indie comics sales, a companion to the long-running Marvel and DC columns by Paul O’Brien and Marc-Oliver Frisch, respectively. What are indie comics? I define them strictly […]