IDW and ComicMix team up for web to print

Via pr, it seems that ComicMix, the website offering classic and new comics material in serialized webcomic form, has just landed a print deal, via IDW. Previously, a few print editions of ComicMix titles had been published as a one-off for the Baltimore Comic-Con. IDW Publishing, a leading publisher of comic books and graphic novels, […]

Marvel girl products article now online

A few people have emailed us with the link to the WWD article on Marvel’s licensing deals for female apparel and cosmetics. Current items include contemporary fashion tops from Mighty Fine, junior fashion tops from Junk Food, mass fashion tops with Fortune Fashions, and jewelry with H.E.R. Accessories. Later in the year, new products include […]


BIG NUMBERS may just be the most checked out comic in the Library of Imaginary Books — a companion piece to FROM HELL and LOST GIRLS as one of the projects Alan Moore launched when he left DC in the late ’80s, two issues, with art by Bill Sienkiewicz, were published by Moore’s own Mad […]

Lots and lots of movie news

§ THE COURIERS, by Brian Wood and Rob G, has been picked up by Intrepid Pictures. Javier Grillo-Marxuach, formerly of Lost, and more recently of a bunch of comical books of his own, will write the script. “The series follows the adventures of two gun-toting mercenary couriers named Moustafa and Special who take on jobs […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 3/26/09

§ Steven Grant looks at DC’s return to back-up features: Not that DC’s heart is in the wrong place. In a sane market, the move makes perfect sense. Raising prices is a great way to lose sheaves of readers who might be forgiven for bristling at paying more money for the same amount of material. […]

Infinite Monkey Comics randomizes chaos

Flickr and Twitter are pretty much the Infinite Monkey Theory in actual practice–ultimate ephemeral randomness, projected from the brains of a representative sampling that approaches the average. And now you can prove it by turning these two movable zeitgeists into comics via a randomizer! Infinite Monkey Comics takes a similar approach, however with less deliberation […]