Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 3/24/09

§ There is only ONE Donna Barr (above), and Tim O’Shea interviews her at Robot 6: O’Shea: What motivated you to donate your work, dating back to 1963, to San Diego State University –and have you ever visited your collection? Barr: One of my life goals was to have my work recognized by a university […]

Nerdlebrity news roundup

The Festival d’Angoulême blog has this picture up, and we had to link to it. § Supervillain-styled rapper Doom is back, and we will doubtless find much to amuse us on his new album, dropping today With a career modeled on the Marvel comics arch-villain Doctor Doom, the metal mask-wearing fortysomething remains characteristically cryptic about […]

Oh, Sam Raimi, we never stopped believing in you

Despite increasingly cranky Bruce Campbell’s insistence that he doesn’t want to make EVIL DEAD 4, director Sam Raimi was all over SXSW saying that he’s up for it: However, speaking to Sam Raimi at SXSW on the eve of the premiere of his new film, “Drag Me To Hell,” the director didn’t seem worried in […]