Are comics leading a charmed life?

While the idea that “comics do well in a recession” is being sorely tested by the ongoing global economic meltdown, the comics industry really does seems to be riding out the storm better than most sectors. The boisterous moods at New York Comic-Con and WonderCon and the faster-than-ever sellout of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con […]

Where were you during NEWW ’09?

The New England Webcomics Weekend, organized by Meredith Gran and Rich Stevens, seems to have been a rousing success, and almost inevitably a rallying point from which many, many new things will spring. A few hundred people attended; in the future, a thousand will have been there. Gary Tyrell was swept up in the magic, […]

CBLDF announces board changes

At last week’s ComicsPRO meeting, it was announced that Chris Staros is leaving the CBLDF’s Board of Directors. He’ll be replaced as President by retailer Chris Powell. Cartoonist Larry Marder will join the board. More details in the PR below: At this morning’s ComicsPRO Annual Meeting, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund announced changes to […]

Russ Manning Award submissions due

Via PR, submissions for this prestigious award for emerging artists are now due: Comic-Con, the nation’s largest comic book and popular arts convention, announces that submissions are now being accepted for the 27th annual Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award. Started in 1982 as a joint presentation of Comic-Con International and the West Coast Comics Club, […]

Studio Coffee Run: GREEN LANTERN and more

• Over the last few days, the long hypothetical Green Lantern movie has become very real, as it’s been announced that director Martin Campbell (Zorro, James Bond) has been signed on, and filming begins mid-September in Australia, with a release date of December 10, 2010 set. Now this sound promising as hell, although the last […]

News and Notes, 3/23/09

§ Diamond’s February sales charts came out last week, and we didn’t link to ’em, but they showed GN sales down nine percent, which is pretty alarming. Retailer Brian Hibbs suggests that the drop in sales has a logistical cause, due to Diamond’s shift to a new warehouse, a move which has caused all kinds […]

Catching up

We’re trying, but it’s hard, because Battle for Wesnoth 1.6 came out this weekend. You know, this is why we won’t have a gaming console in our house. If we can get so hooked on a simple little turn-based fantasy game, can you imagine what would happen with real video games? You’d never read another […]