This week’s Graphic Books chart

Graphic Books Best Seller Lists: March 14 is up for the week, and HUMBUG, JESSE MARSH, and WORMWOOD: GENTLEMAN CORPSE can now all add “NY Times bestseller” to their marketing campaigns. WATCHMEN and NARUTO claim their usual spots at the top, however.

A weekend of two mediums

By a strange quirk, two big meetings are taking place today that reflect the two branches of the comics industry as it’s evolving. Up in Easthampton, MA, the New England Webcomics Weekend is taking place, a Woodstock like gathering of webcomickers from around the nation that we’re sure will plot a course to take comics […]

Hoteloween ’09: COOONNNNNNNNNN!

Yesterday’s mad hotel rush left us drained and disconsolate. We know we’re spoiled when getting a room one block away instead of three blocks away is cause for sorrow, but this time, for the first time ever, we were DENIED, like so many others. Like bitter, angry con goers around the world, we experienced the […]

Very quick observations

Whoa, we are still here, but it’s been a CRAZY week at Stately Beat Manor! We’ve had house guests, a surprise visit by the FBI, a battle with customs, car bombs, Jude Law, Hoteloween and now a mysterious sound from the abode below. March Madness! One thing we’ve noted in the tumult: Twitter has so […]

To Do Saturday: Wein/ Marmel/Elwood/Carr discuss…WATCHMEN

This Saturday Comics on Comics, the West Coast pop culture live talk show returns to Meltdown with a Watchmen themed event: The second season of Comics on Comics is starting this Saturday, March 21, with a special Watchmen themed episode with our guest, comic book legend and original Watchmen editor, Len Wein as we talk […]

White joins IDW as marketing manager

IDW has announced a new marketing manager, AnnaMaria White: IDW Publishing, a leading publisher of comic books and graphic novels, today announced that AnnaMaria White, an experienced public relations and marketing professional, has joined the company as its in-house marketing manager. “We are very excited to have AnnaMaria join our team,” said IDW COO Greg […]

When danger looms

Sadly, we’re still out of commission, catapulted into a savage world where witch doctors resurrect hideous zuvembies wearing polka dot boxer shorts. We’ll straggle along as best we can, but rest assured, we’ll be back as soon as humanly possible.