Lemire brings SWEET TOOTH to Vertigo

DC/Vertigo announced a new ongoing monthly by Jeff “Essex County” Lemire at the ComicsPRO meeting this morning. Lemire’s graphic novel THE NOBODY is due in June. Lemire’s PR below: DC Comics’ mature readers imprint VERTIGO has announced that Eisner-nominated comics creator Jeff Lemire (/Essex County, The Nobody/) will be writing and illustrating a new monthly […]

Colbert/Gaiman link

The Colbert ReportMon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Neil Gaiman Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor Mark SanfordNASA Name Contest Catching up on everything that piled up in our inbox while we’ve been otherwise occipied, here’s the official video of Gaiman/Colbert from Monday…with bonus Tom Bombadil. Technorati Tags: Neil Gaiman

Uclick offers DRAMACON app for free

Uclick and Tokyopop are releasing Svetlana Chmakova’s DRAMACON #1 as a free app on the App store. The book was originally released as a trilogy of manga volumes by Tokyopop. The story of adventure and romantic entanglements among manga convention-goers has been one of Tpop’s best selling original manga since it was released. “We’re making […]

Flashback: TWO YEARS AGO

From: THE BEAT — This is what they want, March 6, 2007: But there you go, if you listened to the internet, you would think turning WONDER MAN into a book about a cranky superhero who goes to an eccentric Alaskan town would sell like gangbusters. Or Batgirl as a homely but quick witted assistant […]

Thus, it begins…again

Sorry, we’re still a little out of touch due to personal matters (everything is fine, no worries; we just have many affairs to attend to) so it’s a slow game of catch up. And of course we’re taking an hour or two off today to get in the San Diego Comic-Con hotel internet lottery, which […]

Lost: Uh…What?

Well, we got some answers tonight. There can probably never be enough answers given to satisfy some of the nerds out there watching, but we will always take what Lindelof and Cuse will give us on any given week. Let’s discuss those after the jump.