Lemire brings SWEET TOOTH to Vertigo

DC/Vertigo announced a new ongoing monthly by Jeff “Essex County” Lemire at the ComicsPRO meeting this morning. Lemire’s graphic novel THE NOBODY is due in June. Lemire’s PR below:

DC Comics’ mature readers imprint VERTIGO has announced that Eisner-nominated comics creator Jeff Lemire (/Essex County, The Nobody/) will be writing and illustrating a new monthly ongoing series entitled /SWEET TOOTH/. The series will launch this September, only two months after Lemire’s Vertigo debut /THE NOBODY/, an original graphic novel, is due in stores.
Lemire describes the series: “/SWEET TOOTH/ is the story Gus, a young boy born with deer-like antlers. He has lived his entire life in total isolation in the woods with his Father. As our story begins Gus’ is finally forced to leave their forest sanctuary and begins experiencing the outside world for the first time. What he finds out there is beyond his comprehension; an American landscape decimated a decade earlier by a mysterious disease. Even more remarkable is that Gus is part of a rare new breed of human/animal hybrid children who have emerged in its wake, all apparently immune to the infection. The boy is soon taken in by Jepperd, a hulking drifter who promises to lead Gus to “The Preserve” a fabled safe-haven for hybrid children. Along the way a larger mystery surrounding the origins of the hybrids begins to unfold, with Gus and Jepperd at its center.”/

Sweet Tooth/ recasts conventions from both the western and science fiction genres into an action/adventure tale of childhood loss and loneliness, and the unexpected friendships that can emerge in even the darkest of places.

The first 22-page, full-color issue ships in September and will feature story, art and covers by Lemire, with colors provided by Jose Villarubia (/Promethea/) and will carry a special cover price of only one-dollar!

Colbert/Gaiman link

Catching up on everything that piled up in our inbox while we’ve been otherwise occipied, here’s the official video of Gaiman/Colbert from Monday…with bonus Tom Bombadil.

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Uclick offers DRAMACON app for free

200903190120Uclick and Tokyopop are releasing Svetlana Chmakova’s DRAMACON #1 as a free app on the App store. The book was originally released as a trilogy of manga volumes by Tokyopop. The story of adventure and romantic entanglements among manga convention-goers has been one of Tpop’s best selling original manga since it was released.

“We’re making Dramacon 1.1 free because it gives us a chance to show off our panel-by-panel reading format with a very popular book from our lineup,” said Uclick CEO Douglas Edwards. “The Uclick comic apps offer the slickest and most intuitive comics reading experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and we offer the widest variety of titles and genres on the Apple devices.

“We want users to have the chance to try the reader for free and experience it for themselves, then check out our library of more than 100 titles and find more great comics.”

TOKYOPOP’s Senior Editor Lillian M. Diaz-Przybyl added, “As leaders in original manga and graphic novel creation, it’s been a real pleasure to work with Uclick, who are clear front-runners in mobile entertainment. Their understanding of the marketplace and of the structure of comics is second-to-none, ensuring that their mobile versions are perfectly constructed and paced, retaining the experience of reading the original graphic novel.”

The Dramacon Volume 1, Part 1 app is the first free application from Uclick and TOKYOPOP. Most of the Uclick comic apps are available for $0.99 (US) cents. Other popular comic app titles from Uclick include Bone, Ghostbusters, Pibgorn, GODLAND, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Garfield Minus Garfield.

Flashback: TWO YEARS AGO

From: THE BEAT — This is what they want, March 6, 2007:

But there you go, if you listened to the internet, you would think turning WONDER MAN into a book about a cranky superhero who goes to an eccentric Alaskan town would sell like gangbusters. Or Batgirl as a homely but quick witted assistant at a bitchy fashion magazine. But then you see that nothing sells that isn’t a franchised tie-in these days. In our perfect world AGENTS OF ATLAS and WELCOME TO TRANQUILITY and JONAH HEX would be selling 50K a month. In the real world they struggle to sell 20K. There is no market for the quirky creator driven book anymore. The audience craves shock and horror and not solid, character driven fiction. You can’t blame the Big Two for giving the people what they want. As an observer and a sometime editor, my instincts tell me that readers want characters they can identify with and clear problems that these characters need to solve. But the real world shows no evidence whatsoever for this. Was I wrong all along?

Wow, am I a hamster on a donkey wheel?

Thus, it begins…again

Tds Tot Big
Sorry, we’re still a little out of touch due to personal matters (everything is fine, no worries; we just have many affairs to attend to) so it’s a slow game of catch up. And of course we’re taking an hour or two off today to get in the San Diego Comic-Con hotel internet lottery, which begins at 9 am P.D.T TODAY! Of course with the flagging economy, surely NO ONE is going to want to go to San Diego Comic-Con this year, so there should be plenty of hotel rooms.

PSYCHE! We’ll be back later on with a roundup of the squawks, moans, and wails of abject misery and woe that will soon flood the internet. New this year: tweets about San Diego Hotel Hell!

Colorado-Stanley Hotel

Gentlemen, start your engines and…good luck!


Lost: Uh…What?

Well, we got some answers tonight. There can probably never be enough answers given to satisfy some of the nerds out there watching, but we will always take what Lindelof and Cuse will give us on any given week.

Let’s discuss those after the jump.

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