Will SDCC attendance sell out before hotel rooms?

Looks like the answer is YES! As of 2:30 this afternoon, this was what the San Diego Comic-Con site was showing for four-day passes: Only a few hours before, the bar was YELLOW. So if you’re planning to go…better haul ass over there to buy a pass! Pro Reg opens on Sunday. Hotel registration is […]

Tonight! Katchor/Goldman/Landowne at Brooklyn Library

Tonight, I will be moderating what sounds like a dandy event at the Brooklyn Public Library as Ben Katchor, Dan Goldman, and Youme Landowne discuss their work: Where: Central Library, Dweck CenterWhen: Thursday, Mar 12 7 PMAudience: For Adults The works of graphic novelists Ben Katchor, Dan Goldman, and Youme Landowne, all explore New York […]

Thanks, Marvel, thanks a LOT

Marvel’s new Iron Man Armored Popper game is supposed to be for kids, but we like it JUST fine, especially while we’re gabbing on the phone. Iron Man Armored Popper is a challenging, fun, puzzle type game that uses Iron Man’s repulsor beams to knock down his enemies and clear each stage in this wildly […]

Casting daily: Johansson, Rourke sign up for IRON MAN 2

Just what the title says.. ScarJo replaces Emily Blunt as the Black Widow and Mickey Rourke will play a still unknown Russian villain. This marks Scarlett Johansson’s THIRD comic book movie turn, following GHOST WORLD and THE SPIRIT. She’s a tiny bit better than Blunt for Natasha–although her turn in THE SPIRIT did not inspire […]

Robinson’s SANTA

Alex Robinson posts page 1 of his A KIDNAPPED SANTA CLAUS: Page one of A Kidnapped Santa Claus, depicting Santa’s headquaters. I probably commented on this before but one thing I find interesting about the original Baum story is that it features different elements from what we think of as the Santa Claus “canon.” For […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 3/12/09

§ Retailer Brian Hibbs is done with Heroes, the NBC super-show which was recently renewed for a fourth season. But the reason is not what you were expecting: Oddly, it wasn’t the inanity of the plots: between this week’s scenes of the “bad ass” fed trying to turn super-powered people into suicide bombers (Ut? why […]