[Note; we totally thought we had posted this last week, but it went up during a period of turmoil in WordPress. Moral: we suck.] New York City is lucky to have many awesome comics-related events, but one of the most awesomest was a recent conversation between comics demi-gods Chris Ware and Marjane Satrapi moderated by […]

John Higgins’ RAZORJACK

While the names Moore and Gibbons readily spring to mind when the name of a certain much beloved graphic novel classic is named, there is a THIRD member of the creative crew, colorist John Higgins, who worked on the original WATCHMEN and the remastered Absolute edition. In the intervening decades, Higgins has solidified his reputation […]

International Males, Comic Book Movies Division

Nikki Finke reports that Marvel is attempting to make sure its superheroes sell overseas via the time honored tradition of an “advisory board”: Spider-Man dancing a Bollywood number? The Hulk dressed in a Mao jacket? It could happen. (Though Thor is already worldly in his Norse outfit, and Captain America won’t translate.) Marvel Entertainment announced […]

Land o’ Links, 3/11/09

Reduced posting today due to an all day judging activity. § Derek Kirk Kim (!) and Gene Luen Yang (!) on their new book, THE ETERNAL SMILE: DKK: Also, to answer the original question, there was an impetus much more urgent than wanting to draw something fantastical that drove me to asking Gene to write […]

Authentic Shakespeare portrait?

§ NOT COMICS, but cool: What is believed to be the only contemporaneous portrait of he Bard has been found hanging in some family cupboard: In 2002, art restorer Alec Cobbe, joint heir of the Cobbe estate, was at the National Portrait Gallery’s Searching for Shakespeare exhibition and came upon a painting known as the […]