Jacques Tardi!

As reported in PW Comics Week, one of the famed masters of international comics is finally getting an American edition: the great Jacques Tardi: All that is changing this summer as Fantagraphics is launching an ongoing hardcover series of Tardi’s graphic novels. The first two releases this August will be West Coast Blues (Le petit […]

DC expands After Watchmen program

In today’s PW Daily, Calvin Reid write that DC will expand its After Watchmen promotion with even more titles (including collections), co-op advertising and social networking: The After Watchmen program will initially focus on a list of about 20 book collections—from other works by Alan Moore to such works as Bill Willingham’s Fables to Brian […]

Al Feldstein health update

Legendary EC writer/artist Al Feldstein has told members of his mailing list that his recent and future comics convention appearances (including a canceled appearance at MegaCon) are canceled, due to some heart problems, and he’s currently awaiting admission to the Mayo Clinic for a heart bypass. He writes that on February 24th, he blacked out […]

Presidential Trouble!

In case you missed it in the comments, Elan’ Rodger Trinidad links to his entire WATCHMEN/Hostess crossover. Technorati Tags: Watchmen

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 3/10/09

§ Comics of Yore #1: Chris Mautner looks at the legendary FLEX MENTALLO: Flex Mentallo was a four-issue mini-series published by Vertigo Comics back in 1996. It was written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Frank Quitely, a team more recently responsible for All-Star Superman, a series acclaimed by every Internet comics pundit from here […]


We keep getting dragged back in!!! This is the biggest example of a front loaded media sensation we’ve ever seen. Has everyone just been storing up their secret desire to write about WATCHMEN all these years? Cinematical even asks How Sick Of Watchmen Are You? and more people are not sick than sick! This is […]