“Graphic books” bestseller list reax

Last week’s inauguration of a “graphic books” best seller list from the august New York Times drew much response, naturally. ICv2 answered the burning, itching question of why “graphic books,” when men commonly call them comics: We asked the Times why it’s calling the books its ranking “graphic books,” rather than “graphic novels,” and heard […]

TINTIN movie update: Filming finished?

OKAY, now with WATCHMEN promos finally done, let’s move to the NEXT beloved classic comic movie, shall we? And what better candidate than…TINTIN! Tatiana Siegel at Variety has the first detailed article on movie production. With Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson co-directing, it certainly has a pedigree. According to the article, Spielberg has finished up […]

RIP: Rod Gilchrist

Rod Gilchrist, executive director of San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum, died of brain cancer at age 58 on February 26th. The SF Chronicle has a full obituary up, explaining how he kept the museum going through boom and bust periods for comics and real estate. According to an email announcement by Andrew Farago: In lieu […]

RIP: John Carbonaro

John Carbonaro, a longtime fan-turned publisher when he purchased the rights to the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, passed away at age 58 on February 25th, as reported by long time friend Robert J. Sodaro. Carbonaro purchsed the former Tower characters in 1981, and a rather long and convoluted rights battle with various entities prevented too much from […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 3/9/09

§ Today’s MUST READ: Christopher Borrelli at the Chicago Trib has a fantastic profile of Lynda Barry. Matt Groening, Chris Ware, and Ivan Brunetti all sing her praises, colorful thoughts and anecdotes are recounted, and lots of players and history are revealed: I ask if she liked “Peanuts.” She says she appreciates it now, but […]

Corky is an imposter!

We can’t be the only people who detest the first week of Daylight Savings Time? Not for political reasons, but just because? Admittedly, the extra daylight is a boon, marking the end of the Seasonal Affective Disorder Season and the coming of Spring Coat Season and eventually Rooftop Sangria Season. And what about that Corky? […]