Matt Maxwell’s WonderCon Report: Day 1

[Since we couldn’t go to WonderCon, we charged writer/Elite Beat Operative Matt Maxwell with covering it for us. Maxwell is the author of MURDER MOON, and the webcomic STRANGEWAYS, and has a blog, Highway 62. He also likes to go to conventions.] PART I – PDA by Matt Maxwell WonderCon is kind of an odd […]

Amazon offers e-books for iPhone

Bathroom reading ahoy! Now you can download a free iPhone app called Kindle and use it to buy read e-books from Amazon: The move comes a week after Amazon started shipping the updated version of its Kindle reading device. It signals that the company may be more interested in becoming the pre-eminent retailer of e-books […]

All remaining Virgin Megastores shutting down

Hello, Amazon! All six of the remaining Virgin Megastores in the US will be shutting down by summer: After nearly two decades of rocking the music world with a mix of brash stunts and splashy CD releases, the remaining six Virgin Megastores in the United States will shut their doors this summer in another blow […]

Recession Watch: The DFC shutting down

The DFC is a less-than-a-year-old British comics weekly for kids, recently launched in a market where new comics products have an uphill battle. Backed by Random House UK, the magazine had gotten a warm reception and contributions from heavy hitters like Phillip Pullman, but now, The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log reports the subscription-only publication […]

Kate Beaton’s Wonder Woman

See an entire array in the link.

Megan Fox is hot and likes JONAH HEX and FATHOM

Internet sweetheart Megan Fox proves she has no fear of the nerd demo, as she has TWO comic book projects on the horizon. First, she’s slated to join Josh Brolin and John Malkovich in the JONAH HEX movie as a “gun wielding beauty” and romantic interest. . She’s also attached to a FATHOM movie in […]

Obligatory WATCHMEN links

WOW. The amount of press this movie is getting is kind of…overwhelming. Here are a few that aren’t interviews with the cast: § USA Today looks at the box office ramifications for Hollywood. § Obligatory Alan Moore link: Salon looks at his take on Swamp Thing Nine pages in, Issue 20 also features an internal […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 3/4/09

§ Matt Groening — creator of what is slated to be the longest running television show in history, talks about the LA Weekly dropping his comic strip after 22 years: CNN: Have you considered just doing it online? Groening: Yes! Yes, I’m toying with that. But it’s very strange. I’ve been doing the weekly comic […]

Yes, I saw it

I saw WATCHMEN and I really, really enjoyed it despite all the problems. A post-screening panel consisting of Kai-Ming Cha, Nisha Gopalan, Tim Leong, and Ben McCool had widely varying opinions of the film and would have made for a great episode of Sunday Morning Shootout. A detailed review will come later.