SWALLOW ME WHOLE nominated for LA Times Book Prize

Nate Powell’s SWALLOW ME WHOLE is the first graphic novel since MAUS to earn a nomination for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. According to a press release from publisher Chris Staros: SWALLOW ME WHOLE is one of five official finalists in the category of Young Adult Fiction, making it the first graphic novel to […]

Spectrum Award winners announced

Jon Foster (above) and Aleksi Briclot (below) won the Gold and Silver, respectively, in the Spectrum Awards Comics division. The Awards honor the best in fantasy art each year in a number of categories, including Illustration, Concept Art, Comics, and Books. The complete list of winners is in the jump.

WATCHMEN supplemental

Sigh. Can’t escape. § Billy Crudup tells Parade Magazine what it’s like to have a big blue dong: Q: They say size doesn’t matter, but were you getting teased about how endowed you were? A: Of course, but I’m not saying how much the computer helped. Actually, I didn’t fully expect the interest that Dr. […]

Toby Cypress and RODD RACER

Toby Cypress is one of the most stylish and underrated comics artists around town, and when you peep his blog, you’ll see why. He recently started posting new pages of his long-gestating graphic novel, RODD RACER, and it looks cool as hell.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 3/3/09

§ Deb Aoki reports that WonderCon continued the recession-bucking behavior trend at comics conventions, SATURDAY’S WONDERCON CROWDS CAME TO SEE AND SPEND… TO A POINT I asked Daniel Davis of Steamcrow Press and creator of the Monster Commute webcomic for his take on WonderCon weekend 2009, and by his account, “(Saturday) was the best WonderCon […]

WATCHMEN sales rankings

Oh, okay. Here is ONE LINK about WATCHMEN, but it has to do with the comic — PSYCHE. John Jackson Miller looks at the original sales rankings of the miniseries: Watchmen is one of the most reprinted comics series in history — but where did Watchmen rank at the time it came out? There are […]

Idle thoughts

Have you heard about this WATCHMEN movie that’s coming out? We’re not sure what it’s about, but it looks kind of loud. This interview with the director, Zack Snyder, is interesting. Did you know he has six kids? How did that happen? Anyway, apparently this WATCHMEN movie is the LAST WORD in the superhero movie. […]