Dylan Horrocks launches Hicksville website

Dylan Horrocks, one of New Zealand’s premier cartoonists, hasn’t been much heard from in recent years, but he’s got a brand new website which will showcase the popular webcomics serialization of his old print series ATLAS — which has come out twice since 2001, so hopefully he’ll be a bit more prolific! Well, it’s taken […]


By Steve Bunche The folks over at Warner Bros. Animation have proven time and again since the now-classic Batman: The Animated Series that they not only care about making genuinely good and entertaining superhero material, they also get it thanks to many of its bigwigs being comics fans themselves. That aspect helps immeasurably when bringing […]


Somehow, last week we did not link to Jill Thompson’s gorgeous artwork for BEASTS OF BURDEN, a four-issue miniseries wirtten by Evan Dorkin with painted art by Thompson about some animals who fight the supernatural. The characters have already appeared in Dark Horse’s various anthologies “The Dark Horse Book of…” Hauntings, Witches, The Dead and […]