More on Diamond and Gemstone

Yesterday’s rumblings of Gemstone giving up both the Disney and EC licenses have been answered by an official statement from Diamond, confirming what we’d read in the comments, that much of the Gemstone staff had been laid off, but saying that it isn’t the “end of Gemstone.” “In the past few days, there have been […]

A different view of Barack Obama

Since Barack Obama is to 2009 comics what foil variants were to 1993 comics and black and white parodies were to 1988 comics, it is natural that more and more companies should jump on the bandwagon, like Devil’s Due with Barack the Barbarian, an ongoing parody written by Larry Hama. The artist is not named. […]

Next Door Neighbor video at Babelgum

The “Next Door Neighbor” webcomics anthology has been running at SMITH Magazine for some time, with contributions from everyone from Harvey Pekar to K. Thor Jensen and back again. Chronicling tales of nightmare neighbors — and we’ve all got one of THOSE — the series is edited by Dean Haspiel. Babelgum, an online video site, […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 3/31/09

§ Two from THE SAVAGE CRITIC: Abhay Khosla finds a stack of old comics and does the “you can’t go home again” thing: Stray Bullets #3 by Dave Lapham: This issue is titled “The Party,” but it doesn’t have Lapham’s best party scene in it. For that, you want issue #5, the first Orson issue. […]

Studio coffee run: PRIEST, Wonder Woman

§ The adaptation of PRIEST, the supernatural manhwa by Min-Woo Hyung, is on again, with Paul Bettany now cast as the lead. This movie has been brewing for a while — at one point dear, dear Gerard Butler was set to star, with junior hottie Steven Strait tagging along as the adorable sidekick. However, now […]

Status report

We managed to move our office, but were so appalled by the amount of stuff that we had accumulated that we just moved it all so we can sit and stare at it in horror. We did, however uncover some surplus comics, so look for some cool giveaways here at Stately Beat Manor over the […]

Real details on Spidey musical finally revealed

A presentation for group sales agents and ticket brokers by director Julie Taymor and composer Bono and the Edge reveals lots and lots of details on what sounds like a groundbreaking musical experience: Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark: The NY Post’s Spidey senses were tingling: WHAT do you call a $40 million theatrical extravaganza that […]