WondercCon Saturday party poop: 100 Bullets @ Isotope

A little late, but still time to go! BRIAN AZZARELLO & DAVE JOHNSON @ ISOTOPE Saturday Feb 28th. 7pm – Midnight. @ Isotope 326 Fell St. In celebration of the grand finale of one of the greatest crime noir series ever made, the Isotope will be kicking of our month-long 100 BULLETS original cover art […]

IDW gets in the ring with Family Circus

Billy, Jeffy, Dolly, and PJ are getting their own deluxe collection treatment, as IDW continues to expand their comic strip empire. At their WonderCon panel today, IDW announced a new series of Family Circus reprint collections. PR below: IDW Publishing is pleased to announce The Family Circus Library by Bil Keane. The Family Circus, which […]

WonderCon news: Image, BOOM!, Fox Atomic

There’s a bit of news and announcements out this morning from WonderCon. At the Image panel, Erik Larsen talked about Obama and John Layman talked about his new series: Layman was on hand to talk about his new ongoing title, “Chew,” with artist Rob Guillory. “’Chew’ is about a federal agent who is able to […]