WondercCon Saturday party poop: 100 Bullets @ Isotope

A little late, but still time to go!

Saturday Feb 28th. 7pm – Midnight.
@ Isotope 326 Fell St.

In celebration of the grand finale of one of the greatest crime noir series ever made, the Isotope will be kicking of our month-long 100 BULLETS original cover art gallery show in high style… with a huge bash featuring Brian Azzarello and Dave Johnson! For 99 issues Mister Azzarello has served up a truly addictive, jaw dropping series filled with more twists and turns than a back-stabbing junkie’s used needle. And Reverend Dave Johnson has covered each and every issue with some of the most stunningly gorgeous comic book covers to ever grace the Earth. With the anticipation for the final issue at it’s fever pitch what better time to hang out with these comic creating juggernauts?

Not only will we be hanging Dave Johnson’s original 100 BULLETS cover art in the Isotope’s gallery, but we are also making a ultra-limited edition Dave Johnson Pint Glass crafted by the Reverend himself and SF’s best glassware provider specifically for this very event. But be warned! If you don’t like crowds this event is not for you, as we expect the massive crowds coming out. Thrown in conjunction with our friends at iFanboy. 21 and over, por favor! I don’t know about you… but I’m willing to call this baby “funnybook party of the year” already.

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IDW gets in the ring with Family Circus

200902281233Billy, Jeffy, Dolly, and PJ are getting their own deluxe collection treatment, as IDW continues to expand their comic strip empire. At their WonderCon panel today, IDW announced a new series of Family Circus reprint collections. PR below:

IDW Publishing is pleased to announce The Family Circus Library by Bil Keane. The Family Circus, which was originally published in only 19 newspapers, is now seen in over 1500 newspapers worldwide, making it one of the most enduring and popular comic strips ever.

Drawing inspiration from his own family’s antics, Bil Keane brought the charming adventures of Billy, Dolly, Jeffy & PJ to life where they have been beloved by millions of readers ever since.

“Having truly enjoyed drawing my Family Circus cartoons,” Bil Keane said, “it is icing on the cake to see them now preserved in these very special volumes that will go on and on and on! Realizing that future generations may read the Keane family drawings that I penned so long ago is a happy bonus for this old cartoonist. I am eternally grateful.”

The initial book will collect the first two years of daily and Sunday strips, starting from the very beginning, February 29th, 1960. Volume One will be released in November, in celebration of the 50 year anniversary of The Family Circus.

“The Family Circus has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid,” said Scott Dunbier, the project’s editor, “and is even more so now that I have kids that age!” Each hard cover book will be designed by Eisner Award winner Dean Mullaney, and will be part of the critically acclaimed Library of American Comics.

WonderCon news: Image, BOOM!, Fox Atomic

1235834086There’s a bit of news and announcements out this morning from WonderCon. At the Image panel, Erik Larsen talked about Obama and John Layman talked about his new series:

Layman was on hand to talk about his new ongoing title, “Chew,” with artist Rob Guillory.

“’Chew’ is about a federal agent who is able to get psychic impressions from the things he eats,” Layman said. “When there’s a corpse that shows up in the sewers or the garbage dump, he is sent and has to chew on the corpse to figure out what killed them.”

The story is set after a bird flu epidemic has wiped out the poultry population, and the agent actually works for the Food and Drug Administration “keeping you from eating chicken,” Layman said. “Meanwhile he’s solving crimes by eating really, really gross stuff.”

J.K. Parkin also reports this nugget:

Duirng the Q&A, a fan asked about new technologies, and Starkings was quick to pull out his iPhone and show off “Elephantman #1.” He said the Web and iPhone aren’t the future of comics – “they’re already here.” Electronic media aren’t replacing comics, he said, but supplementing them, pointing out that if you were ever stuck in an airport without comics to read, you could always download them via Wi-Fi. He also touted Rantz Hosley’s Longbox initiative, which he said was intuitive to use.

At the BOOM! panel, a new co-publishing deal with Fox Atomic was announced, as well as a new series by Mark Waid, with covers by Paul Pope:

Waid will be following up Irredeemable with a new series, The Unknown. The four issue miniseries will deal with a globetrotting female detective who debunks the paranormal but is lost when confronted with the one mystery she can’t solve, what lies beyond death. Waid, who wasn’t able to attend the panel due to a conflict with Mega Con, calls the book “Doc Savage as written by David Lynch.” Dutch artist Minck Oosterveer is doing the interiors, with covers by the likes of Erik Jones and Paul Pope.

PR on the BOOM!/Fox deal below:

BOOM! Studios announced today that Fox Atomic, a division of 20th Century Fox, has entered into a broad multi-title comic book and graphic novel co-publishing deal that will see the formation of a Fox Atomic Comics imprint at BOOM!.

Titles will cover a vast array of different titles and characters, some very familiar to fans, others being new turns on old favorites, as well as entirely new, original series.

Fox Atomic first made a splash with a series of SpikeTV Award-winning original graphic novels in 2007 including 28 DAYS LATER: THE AFTERMATH, featuring work from 30 DAYS OF NIGHT creator Steve Niles, followed by THE HILLS HAVE EYES: THE BEGINNING written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. A third graphic novel, the International Horror Guild Award-winning THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY was also released, adapting stories from Bram Stoker and World Fantasy Award-winner Thomas Ligotti. THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY: VOLUME TWO, the second graphic novel in the series, followed in 2008.

The new Fox Atomic Comics and BOOM! Studios collaboration will see titles serialized as individual single issue comic books before being collected into trade paperback graphic novels available in the direct and mass bookstore markets.

The new venture will see a broad expansion of Fox Atomic’s titles after its previous success. Partners are keeping the specific details of the series under wraps with expectations for further announcements later in the convention season featuring marquee series and high-profile creators.