Hibbs on BookScan 2008

It’s the mother of all sales charts! Today’s must reading — and I do mean MUST — is retailer Brian Hibbs’s annual analysis of the year-end BookScan numbers for graphic novels sold in bookstores. The general trends show pieces down a tad, dollars up a bit, manga down but still ruling the roost, and DC’s […]

Our annual guide to winning the Oscar pool

One adage we live by here at Stately Beat Manor is that to win the office Oscar pool, you’ve got to get Best Short Film and Best Short Film (Animated). These obscure categories have been clogging up the Oscar® telecast with little known people in ill-fitting tuxes and inadvisable dresses for years, and while some […]

Breaking news: Movie Doctor Manhattan hung like a horse

As regular readers of this blog know, as soon as the WATCHMEN movie was announced, we had only one pressing concern: Would Dr. Manhattan really be nude? Could America stand the sight of a giant, nuclear-powered, dimensionally challenged man who was so detached from humanity that he has actually forgone the need to wear underpants? […]

Quote of the day

Let’s take a closer look at the five books, shall we? And, by “take a closer look” I mean, of course, “second-guess” and “nitpick.” — J. Caleb Mozzocco on the “After Watchmen” promotion from DC.

Random blogging advice

I remember summer! Via Sleestak. Now that we’ve all woken up, let’s talk meta. Let’s talk THE BLOGGING LIFE AND THE TOOLS THEREOF. The other day Marc-Oliver gave a nice shout out to dedicated daily bloggers, and highlighted Dirk’s truly ghastly schedule, which sometimes requires him to wake up at 10 pm. Ours isn’t that […]