Call for WonderCon news

WonderCon (one of our fine sponsors here) takes over SF in eight days or so, and we’ll be running a preview in the usual Beat manner, so please send us your announcements, debuts, etc., etc. And please, make sure you put WONDERCON in the subject so we don’t get confused and wander around until we […]

Quote of the day

My only regret is not doing everything myself forever. — Webcomicker R Stevens.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits: Business edition

§ Reed Exhibitions is hiring a marketing guru for their pop culture shows: I am looking for someone to join our team here in Borwalk, CT as a Marketing Director to oversee all of our marketing efforts on New York Comic Con, New York Anime Fest and the new C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo). […]

Links: Craft edition

§ Pulse interviews are often comedy gold, and this one with Kyle Baker re his upcoming HAWKMAN story may just be the funniest thing you’ll read this week: THE PULSE: When you think Hawkman, what ideas immediately came to your mind about what a story featuring this hero HAD to be about? BAKER: In most […]


§ As many as nine movie clips from WATCHMEN are now online, and we haven’t watched them (we want it to be pure), but according to some, they have not been as instantly life-changing, dick-stiffening, epiphany-inducing, second-coming revealing, cancer-curing, and war-ending as people hoped. Maybe we will watch ’em after all and judge for ourselves. […]

This will solve all your problems

While we were mocking Japanese bi-porn star dolls just the other day, another thing the people of Japan excel at is books of pictures of kittens in boxes: The Kittens of Boxville answers the vexing, age-old question: what would a city constructed by cats look like? Biteable cardboard, of course! Originally published in Japan, this […]

Lost 5X06: Hello Lamp post, whatcha knowin’?

Let’s get this out of the way. I missed the original airing of 316 tonight and am playing catch-up like the little tomato in Mia Wallace’s joke. To get tonight’s column done in the most expeditious way possible, it’s another “real time diary.” I hear this week’s show is a doozy, so let’s get on […]