Die, pamphlets, die!

Devin Faraci, one of the main editors at the movie site C.H.U.D., has a mild-mannered editorial which brings together all the doomsday scenario ideas floating around — how comics going to $4 will destroy the market for Marvel and DC and lead to a whole new landscape for comics. and he’s fine with that: And […]

Marvel and Lincoln

Having hit the jackpot, tiger, with one president, Marvel is now getting on the Abraham Lincoln bandwagon with a special President’s Day comic by Matt Fraction and Andy MacDonald, available for free at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. Enjoy!

Toy Fair

We’re not really doing Toy Fair, but we did see Hasbro’s presentation on Saturday which included tons of upcoming toys in the GI JOE, TRANSFORMERS, MARVEL and STAR WARS lines. We took some pictures, although we’re not good on the details. This is from GI JOE, and anyone with a pet parrot is cool by […]