Celebrate the season: Friday the 13th

What would Friday the 13th be without gore, chills, and teenagers who are brutally slain for being sexually active? Get in the mood with this feature at Mania.com featuring 14 comics artists presenting their views of Jason. Above: Francesco Francavilla.

Looking at Diamond’s backlist charts

Oh no, not more charts? Yes! This time it’s something we haven’t seen much talked about before: Diamond’s BACKlist charts. As all publishing watchers know, the backlist is where you live and die; it’s the retirement fund; it’s the guarantee. Diamond released their January Star System best sellers, and it’s quite interesting to look at, […]

Weidenbaum leaves Viz; Original content on hold?

Tina Anderson at Gynocrat writes that Viz’s plan for original manga has been put on hold, following the departure of guiding editor Marc Weidenbaum: Weidenbaum’s departure has been confirmed independently, but the fate of Viz’s original content line would leave a huge gap. Tokyopop’s once-aggressive original manga program has dwindled to nothing, as, for instance, […]

Congrats to the Kuppermans

Tooner Michael Kupperman and his wife Muire Dougherty have just welcomed son Ulysses Kupperman Dougherty to the world. Best wishes to all three. Can we now look forward to Kupperman’s new book Tales Designed to Piddle?

BODY WORLD wraps up

Congrats to Dash Shaw for finishing his astonishing webcomic BODY WORLD. You can read the whole thing online or wait until the Pantheon version comes out. The experience for both is quite different, we imagine. Your choice.

MoCCA exhibitor info available

Received via email, info and applications for this year’s MoCCA Fest are now available. The new venue will hold 100 more booths than the Puck Building — and they are taking applications, so get ’em in. Exhibitor Applications & Guidelines for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art’s 2009 MoCCA Festival are available February 11, […]

Nation’s headline writers ga-ga for Batwoman!

What is it about DC’s Batwoman character that headline writers just seem to adore? Take a single bare AP story about Kathy Kane taking over as the lead character in DETECTIVE COMICS for a bit — for some reason, copywriters just go nuts when they get a crack at writing about Batwoman. • Batwoman will […]