Pull Quotes: The power of fan fiction?

This is the third time we’ve linked to Kiel Phegley’s coverage of the ICv2 conference, but it’s hard to resist when it’s chock full of quotes to ponder — including this exchange between Ira Rubenstein, executive VP of Marvel’s Global Digital Media Group, Dave Roman, cartoonist and Nickelodeon Magazine associate editor, and Stuart Levy, Tokyopop’s […]

Forewarned is forearmed

If you’re one of the folks traipsing out to your local comics store to get the first part of the Neil Gaiman-written, Andy Kubert-drawn BATMAN issue, you may want to know that the second half of the story will be late. Gaiman updated everyone on the new date via Twitter: Just saw that Detective 853 […]

Will America get NO HEROICS?

The Hollywood Reporter reports that ABC has ordered a pilot based on NO HEROICS, the British sitcom about a bunch of third-rate, misfit superheroes with horrible love lives, and the supers-only bar they hang out at. The show will be written by Yank Jeff Greenstein and the original show creator, Drew Pearce, who apparently reads […]

Let Takashi Miike make live action AFRO SAMURAI

We hear that while Japanese directing sensation Takashi Miike was at NYCC to promote the premiere of YATTERMAN, all he could do was tell everyone within ear shot how he’d like to do a live-action version of AFRO SAMURAI, the cult anime about a wandering samurai in a savage retro-future. I guess you could say […]

Pete Von Sholly’s Vonshollywood

Old Beat pal Pete Von Sholly is an artist and storyboarder for such films as Mars Attacks!, Disney’s James and the Giant Peach, The Shawshank Rdemption, and so forth. He sent us a link to his art blog, which includes much humorous work, like the above, and also this strip, which is kinda crude, but […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 2/11/09

§ G. Willow Wilson interviews fellow Verti-scribe, Hell-of-Famer Peter Milligan who is resurgent with two graphic novels and an ongoing on tap, Quotable: GWW: This is from an internet commentator who actually calls himself ‘TheChangingMan’: What is your take on Rimbaud Syndrome–that feeling that all the deeply personal and artistically ground-breaking work one ever creates […]

The biggest badasses of all time

MTV recently ran a big contest to see who was the Greatest Movie Badass of All Time, with online voters choosing from a pre-selected list. Number 1 isn’t too hard to guess because he is, indeed, extremely badass: The runner-up is a bit more surprising because we’re always hearing how women action movies suck and […]