NYCC: Day 2 in pictures

What would a comic book convention be without folks parading around in every manner of costume imaginable? A lot less magical.

Where else can you get a thumbs up from the Watchmen Banana?


The above photo is from Jürgen Fauth’s photos of costumes at NYCC 09, which also includes the iconic images of Fat Wolverine and Cell Phone Skeletor:



What would comic book pioneers like Joe Simon or Jim Steranko think of all these shenanigans? The truly amazing thing about a show like NYCC is that you could ask them yourself…

Joe Simon.jpg

Joe Simon, photo by Kendall Whitehouse. Steranko is here.

Posted by Aaron Humphrey.

NYCC Day 2 report

We’re very sorry to not be blogging from the con as much as we should be. The reasons are bad internet connections, bad phone connections and our own enfeebled state.

Saturday was mad crowded, San Diego or worse crowded, but good spirited. We hear (although we never saw it) that you have to line up for panels and the rooms were SRO even for topics you wouldn’t think would be SRO.

The logline for the show is definitely “What recession?” More than one person referred to the con as an “escape” from the realities of unemployment, and global deflation. Indeed, though many — The Beat included — feared that vendor sales would be dismal at the show, everyone we spoke with directly has had better than expected sales, and from the busy, bustling mood on the floor, you’d never know that January’s job numbers are going to be horrific.

ARE comics really recession proof? We heard a lot of informed news and speculation about Diamond policies, internet delivery, price increases and more to think we’re approaching some kind of new world for comics, but the buoyancy in the face of economic bad times is truly something to see.

The party scene at the show has been likewise busy. We started out the evening grabbing some Thai tea with ACT-I-VATErs, moved on to the ComicSpace party, and then hit the annual Chesterfest, CB Cebulski’s big shindig, which was a madhouse as crowded as the show. Unfortunately, all other revelry for The Beat had to be cut short, but it was a fine time for those who don’t have the plague.

ICV2 conference coverage

As we remarked to more than a few people at the show — everyone seems to be so busy Twittering a running tally of the show, no one goes home and writes about it any more! A welcome exception is Kiel Phegley, whose coverage of Thursday’s ICv2 conference, Four Color Forum, is now up, and it gives you all the important quotes:

Levy: Raise your hand, please, if you have an ipod in this room. [Virtually everyone raises their hands.] See. Now raise your hand if you’ve got a Kindle or another e-book device. [Three people raise their hands]. That’s like, maybe, not even a fifth. So once the same amount of people raise their hands on having an e-book device – and by the way, I personally believe that the current generation of e-book devices is not the type of technology is not the type of technology that’s going to become ubiquitous yet. I think there’s a lot of technologies out there like digital ink and e-paper that will really provide the book reading experience in a new book format. That type of technology is becoming cost effective with the right company…once there’s one of those , a device that all of you buy and your kids by, then we’ll be dealing with the same issues as the music industry.

…and more. Check it out.

NYCC News: YOTSUBA&! back from Yen; Marvel, DC stuff

In the most awesome news of the show — news that had fans standing up and cheering as if they were at a Kevin Costner movie or something — Yen Press announced that they have the license for YOTSUBA&!, Brigid Alverson reports, and Volume 6 will be out in September, The popular series about a young alien and her gentle yet funny adventures was previously published by ADV.

§ It’s hard to pick up on what actually happened at Marvel and DC panels unless you have a crib sheet, but apparently:

• The whole Ultimate line is going away and there will be a NEW Ultimate line.

Eighteen minutes of THE WATCHMEN were shown (while we were still in bed, alas) and everyone had to change their pants afterwards.

§ There will be FINAL CRISIS tie-in books.

Seriously, we’re too knackered to take this all in. Where are our translators?