NYCC: Day 2 in pictures

What would a comic book convention be without folks parading around in every manner of costume imaginable? A lot less magical. Where else can you get a thumbs up from the Watchmen Banana? The above photo is from Jürgen Fauth’s photos of costumes at NYCC 09, which also includes the iconic images of Fat Wolverine […]

NYCC Day 2 report

We’re very sorry to not be blogging from the con as much as we should be. The reasons are bad internet connections, bad phone connections and our own enfeebled state. Saturday was mad crowded, San Diego or worse crowded, but good spirited. We hear (although we never saw it) that you have to line up […]

ICV2 conference coverage

As we remarked to more than a few people at the show — everyone seems to be so busy Twittering a running tally of the show, no one goes home and writes about it any more! A welcome exception is Kiel Phegley, whose coverage of Thursday’s ICv2 conference, Four Color Forum, is now up, and […]