And if you’re not in New York

If you’re not attending the NYCC, don’t forget about the weekend’s other semi-comics-related event, the opening weekend of the CORALINE motion picture. According to Box Office Mojo, the picture finished third on Friday, behind that movie with Drew Barrymore and Scarlett Johansson and the Liam Neeson revenge thriler. Over on his blog, Neil Gaiman seems […]

NYCC: Day 1 in pictures

Photo by R. Pepper Flickr sets have been rolling in from New York, providing a snapshot of the show for those who can’t be there, or those who are there but are simply too busy to see it all (i.e. everyone). A sampling: Excellent photos from behind the scenes at the Penguin Books booth. Pulp […]

NYCC News round-up

Various news bites from news sites at the show: § Greg Rucka’s and J.H. Williams’s BATWOMAN arc will appear in DETECTIVE. The story was previewed in the con program book and at Newsarama. ¶ Lots of Vertigo news from the Vertigo panel, including: ¶ A Peter Milligan resurgence, with a run on HELLBLAZER and a […]

Mystery bra baffles industry partiers

Last night was a huge night for partying at New York Comic-Con, as Marvel and DC held their traditional Friday night fetes. However, as revealed on Twitter, partygoers at one of the soirees made a troubling find: an abandoned bra in the ladies room. The owner of the bra appears to have been well endowed […]

New York Comic-Con, Day 1

In answer to 1000 questions, we’re feeling a lot better but we’re definitely going to lose our voice before this show is over, and we’re definitely not killing ourselves to do anything. So we’re taking it a little easy for now, just to get through it all.