Pull Quotes: In the bedroom

A couple of cartoonists who’ve drawn stories revolving around S-E-X were interviewed this week, and their approaches to the material couldn’t be more different. There’s nothing particularly salacious here, but we’ve tucked it behind the cut for the sake of good taste.

PILGRIM demand high!

We’re hearing that due to various factors, including Diamond’s warehouse move, many re-orders for SCOTT PILGRIM #5 — at least in New York — have been delayed. Tuesday’s midnight signing at Jim Hanley’s Universe was a complete sell-out and last night’s Rocketship signing was as well, with people lined up out the door in the […]

NYCC: Party Poop

Our collection of parties and events during NYCC is a bit curtailed, due to the fact that we are going down the tubes healthwise, and won’t be able to hit any parties, but here’s a rough stab at it. BTW, we have no public events for Friday, so if you’re havin’ one…send us a link! […]

Bloom County Library due from IDW

IDW Publishing had become known as the home to some very high quality classic comic strips reprints — Terry and the Pirates, Dick Tracy, the upcoming Rip Kirby — but they are now turning to what might be called a “modern classic” with The Bloom County Library: IDW Publishing is pleased to announce the forthcoming […]

The Art of the Watchmen

UGO has posted some exclusive images from Art of The Watchmen, a coffee table book produced by Titan Books. We’ve seen a copy, and it’s gawgeous. However, the above art is from Watchmen: Portraits, another lovely book from Titan. UGO has also posted this, which is very funny.

NYCC: Marvel – #1141

Marvel provided the following schedule for signings: New York Comicon is this weekend February 6-8th, so be sure to stop by Marvel’s booth (Booth #1141) for all the singings and giveaways happening all weekend long. And here’s the schedule for all the Marvel madness this weekend at NYCC: SIGNING SCHEDULE FRIDAY 12:00 – 1:00 PM […]

NYCC: Archie Comics – #1821

Archie Comics was kind enough to send over their schedule for the show: Stop by the Archie Comics booth #1821 and meet writers Misako Rocks!, Alex Simmons, Paul Castiglia and Barbara Slate and artists Fernando Ruiz, Dan Parent, Joe Staton, Bob Smith, Jim Amash and Tito Pena. They’ll be on hand signing autographs and giving […]

Random thoughts

§ Carr D’Angelo of comics shop Earth-2 wrote to tell us that Obama is lifting one comics shop at least: Just wanted to let you know that thanks in part to the President Obama-Spider-Man team-up, Earth-2 just had our best January ever and our third biggest month ever. The comics business is thriving in Sherman […]


MoCCA Director Karl Erickson wrote to tell of their panel and signings: Sunday, Feb. 8, 1:30pm at NYCC Comics and the Language of Visual Symbolism Comics are able to communicate dense layers of narrative, emotion, and action in a manner that no other media is able. This panel will explore the way the cartoonists use […]

NYCC: More misc. cartoonists

¶ First we would like to direct everyone’s attention to The Daily Cross Hatch and their feature, New York Comic Con 2009: An Indie Survival Guide. As Brian Heater points out, it’s not exactly Winter MoCCA Fest: It’s unfortunate, to be sure, but let’s face it—having attending the show for the past few years, we […]