More on Diamond and the future

There’s been a lot going on since Diamond’s new benchmark bombshell, with several alternative distribution sources cropping up, notably Ka-Blam and their Print-on-Demand ComicsMonkey. However, a much lower discount than retailers are used to might make this a less popular option. A few more industry figures have commented, as well. Harris Comics’ Bon Alimagno writes […]

Pull Quotes: Diamonds in the rough

We’ve heard how Diamond’s new policy changes are likely to affect independent publishers like SLG and Oni, as well as acclaimed cartoonists like Sammy Harkham and Kevin Huizenga. But what about the smaller publishers and cartoonists trying to get a foot in the door? Indy Comic News asked some newer names in comics what Diamond’s […]

Show news: BEC canceled; more on Reed moves

Even as Reed Exhibitions was announcing a new comic show for Chicago, they were also announcing that Book Expo Canada, Canada’s biggest book show of the year, has been canceled after a slew of big exhibitors, including Random House, pulled out: Reed will also not move forward with plans to start a new consumer-oriented event […]

ACHEWOOD is back!

Following a break while he had to move home and family, Chris Onstad is back with ACHEWOOD. How we missed thee.

Go see Evan Dorkin at Maxwell’s tomorrow

If you live in Hoboken and want to be in the live audience for a radio taping, Evan Dorkin writes to tell us: I am going to be a guest on next week’s Second Second Delay radio show on WFMU. [That’s tomorrow, February 4th] The show is hosted by station manager Ken Freedman and Monk […]

David Brothers’ Black History Month

Over at 4th Letter, David Brothers is posting daily articles on Black History Month: While there are often interconnecting themes, I try to keep each post to its own specific subject. Later in the month you’ll probably see some callbacks and references to earlier posts. I’m not lecturing here so much as I am talking– […]

Recession Watch: Alt-Weekly cartoons

§ Cartoonist Matt Bors sits down with Kevin Allman, editor of The Gambit, an independent alt-weekly out of New Orleans, to talk about the recent weekly comic holocaust. The result is sobering but informative: The cutback in cartoons has less to do with the budget than it does with page counts going down. Let’s face […]

Tokyopop titles postponed, NOT canceled

Reports that Tokyopop had canceled a bunch of titles are not true, ICv2 reports. The titles were canceled at Diamond – leading to the reports — but are merely postponed, according to Toykopop. And ARIA #4 is a hit. it seems, with a new volume due later this year: The report on Comics Worth Reading […]

News and notes

§ Rodney Perkins has begun looking at the various suits against Stan Lee — and yes there are two SEPARATE suits for a piece of Marvel’s pie based on Stan;s deal with Stan Lee Media. SLMI’s argument is interesting because as readers of this site may know, these suits are all about contracts and copyrights. […]

Kyle Baker is drawing HAWKMAN

Does Baker draw like this just to make other people feel bad?


We all know Christian Bale is brooding and intense, part of what made him the perfect Batman (and made his Bruce Wayne so little fun to be around), but HOW brooding and intense? So intense that when a mild-mannered DP wandered into a shot, Bale embarked on a three-minute diatribe of vituperation and invective that’s […]

The Flying Pooch

Whilst searching for an appropriate cover for the previous post, we came across this beaut on Cover Browser, a site which reveals so much about changing tastes and standards that we could probably spend the rest of our career just writing about it. However, no matter how mores and fashion evolve, a flying pooch is […]

Random thoughts

• All the party invite info for New York Comic-Con has been flooding into our inbox over the last few days — thank goodness, we’ve already scheduled a nourishing meal each evening, or else things would be looking way too liquid. We’ll be posting most of our info on the show TOMORROW (Wednesday) so if […]