Patel in, McCartney out for AIRBENDER

Citing those old devil “schedule conflicts”, white devil Jesse McCartney has been replaced by SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE star Dev Patel in THE LAST AIRBENDER movie: The British-born actor will play Zuko, a member of the Fire Nation in the live-action adaptation of the Nickelodeon series from Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Films. Other actors already set are […]

McCloud moves to First Second

News broke last Friday that Scott McCloud is moving to First Second, where he will publish his next two books, including his next graphic novel tentatively scheduled for 2013. So you have plenty of time to save up. McCloud’s last few books came out thruogh HarperCollins. Over on his LJ, McCloud commented on the announcement: […]

You missed us!

Sorry for the outage, but based on all the emails and phone calls and IMs, you really do read The Beat! It’s a touching thought and we won’t let you down again.

Angoulême: Blutch wins Grand Prix; Pinocchio wins Best Album

The Angoulême comics festival wrapped up yesterday, and the prizes were announced, with French cartoonist Blutch (aka Christian Hincker) winning the Grand Prix. As winner of the prize, he’ll be the “Grand Marshall” of next year’s show. Blutch’s career includes important work for Fluide Glacial and L”Association. Matthias Wivel has his own thoughts: This is […]

What ever happened to …Bill Jemas

Along with Joe Quesada, former Marvel publisher Bill Jemas was one of the principle architects of the revitalization of the House of Ideas back at the turn of the century. His tenure led the way to some big successes — like the Ultimate line–and some big flops — remember Marville? He certainly made a strong […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Sean Kleefeld and Platinum CEO Brian Altounian discuss the status of Wowio, the online download site that has been having lots of cashflow problems. § George Gene Gustines profiles Dean Haspiel in the Sunday NY Times I did Act-I-Vate and “Billy Dogma” while doing print work. The difference between the two is for a […]

Look around for LOOK AROUND YOU

The Beat is so behind the times, we completely missed the announcement that Adult Swim would be playing one of our favorite cult BritComs, the highly droll LOOK AROUND YOU. A take off on 70s kids science shows, 8 slim episodes — each only 10 minutes long — captures slow moving lab assistants taking on […]