Recession Watch: MySpace Comic Books division

Nikki Finke reports on layoffs at Fox, including MySpace. The departments cut include the Comics division. We can confirm that marketing manager Sam Humphries, who spearheaded the many comics-related features at MySpace is among those laid off. No word yet on whether the popular MySpace/Dark Horse Presents and Cup o’ Joe features will continue. The […]


THE STUFF OF LIFE: A GRAPHIC GUIDE TO GENETICS AND DNA is a science comic book by Mark Schultz, illustrated by Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon. We’ve flipped through it, and trust us, you WILL learn all about genetics and DNA! We’re pretty sure it will make you smarter just by being in the same […]

Some Stan musings

§ Steven Grant looks at the history of Stan Lee and his failed dot-com: Which led to an interesting phenomenon, though one not so rare in our culture as I’d prefer to believe. Various comics dot-coms wanted me to create something for them in the ’90s, so I dealt, briefly, with quite a few of […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/29/09

§ Yesterday’s Journalista reprinted an angry letter from Carmine Infantino. That sounds pretty damned scary to us. Mr. Infantino is angry over non-payments for (presumably) usage of his character Black Canary, and some harsh comments about his business acumen in a recent book about DC. Concerning the lack of payment for my creation “The Black […]

Recession Watch: Welcome to the Essex!

(Above: The Gulf Stream by Winslow Homer) Well, people, in case you haven’t noticed, it is a grim time in the empire. When people ask how we’re doing, we keep thinking of the haunting story of the Essex, an 1819 whaleship sunk by an angry whale (one of the few such incidents on record) whose […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/28/09

§ As we were getting ready to go out last night we happened to catch a brief item on CNN featuring the MAD cover of “Obama’s First 100 Seconds” that we linked to yesterday, proof that despite getting cut to quarterly status, MAD has already reached adjectival status. In fact, David Sarasohn in The Oregonian […]

VIZ launches SF line

Via PR: Viz has announced a new line of SF/fantasy books. The initial rollout includes The Lord of the Sands of Time by Issui Ogawa, All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, ZOO by Otsuichi, and Usurper of the Sun by Housuke Nojiri. We are loathe to guess where anything Japanese is concerned, but […]

A little bit more on McGoohan

Cartoonist Michael Aushenker sent us a link that provides a bit more information on the enigmatic Patrick McGoohan, who died last week. Aushenker is also a staff writer for the Palisadian-Post, the weekly community newspaper of Pacific Palisades, CA, where the McGoohans lived since the late 1970s. He got the privileged chance to write the […]

To Do Tonight: Comic Book Club w/ The Beat and Dan Slott!

Oh yeah, how could we forget — live thrills and laughs tonight as The Beat and Dan Slott guest at the Comic Book Club, the weekly live comics talk show, COMIC BOOK CLUBA Live Weekly Talk Show about Comic Books Hosted by Justin Tyler, Pete LePage, and Alex Zalben Tuesday, January 27 @ 8:00 PM […]

IDW plans Rip Kirby reprint

Okay! Finally some good news! IDW is planning to add Alex Raymond’s gorgeous Rip Kirby to its deluxe comic strip reprint series, with the first Dean Mullaney-edited volume due in September: Following the Eisner-award winning Terry and the Pirates, IDW’s Library of American Comics will present Alex Raymond’s modernist classic Rip Kirby in a definitive […]

RIP John Updike

Famed novelist John Updike has died at age 76. Besides winning awards and being one of the best prose stylists of recent American letters, Updike was a friend of comics, having planned to be a cartoonist in his youth, and studied painting for quite a while. Or as Jeet Heer wrote: Years ago while doing […]

Reactions to last week’s doom stories: Diamond, MAD

§ Cartoonist MK Reed shakes her fist at doom with a resource-filled post that includes alternative distributors and other places where you can sell comics besides Diamond. Recommended. § Speaking of other channels, Rik Offenberger talks to Haven’s Lance Stahlberg about the other game in town: NRAMA: If a publisher finds they can’t meet the […]

John Jackson Miller analyzes 2008 year-end comics sales

Number cruncher John Jackson Miller looks at Diamond’s yearend figures and concludes that in 2008, the industry moved sideways: Now, to 2008: As noted, the industry didn’t so much grow or slip as move sideways. Top 300 Comics Unit and Dollar Sales were down 5% and 3% respectively, and the top 100 trades were up […]

Recession Watch: Newsweekly comics meltdown

Yesterday, cartoonist Tom Tomorrow revealed the dire news that his strip, This Modern World, and all other weekly cartoons were being canceled by Village Voice Media, publisher of the Village Voice, the LA Weekly, and 13 other newsweeklies. This still leaves me with eighty-odd papers, as well as Salon and Credo, so it’s not a […]

Stan Lee Media sues for $750mil Marvel movie profits — UPDATE

If you’re a lawyer, everything surrounding the strange history of Stan Lee Media is a fountain of endless, cool, refreshing litigation. Now “legendary” lawyer Martin Garbus is representing Stan Lee Media shareholders in a suit against Stan Lee, Ike Perlmutter, Avi Arad, and Marvel, alleging the shareholders are owed some $750 million in profits from […]

Studio Coffee Run: Tintin cast, etc.

§ At last, we have our mocap Tintin and it is Jamie Bell, who starred in BILLY ELLIOT, JUMPER and…oh yeah, he was that Jimmy kid in KING KONG, so we should have seen that coming. (Peter Jackson is co-producing the proposed TINTIN trilogy.) If you are thinking Bell is too old, as we mentioned […]