Recession Watch: MAD goes quarterly

If you’ve been following along at home today with our news stream, the announcement that MAD Magazine is going quarterly will not be such a shocker. Matt Brady has the news. The venerable humor magazine today announced that starting with issue #500 in April, it will move to a quarterly publication schedule from its current […]

DC layoffs include Schreck

The Beat has confirmed that DC Senior Editor Bob Schreck was laid off yesterday. Other layoffs, expected in the wake of Warner Brothers’ companywide 10 percent reduction, include Subcriptions Manager Christine Sawicki and several MAD Magazine personnel. The magazine-related layoffs certainly reflect the general crumbling of the entire magazine business. As for Schreck, the layoff […]

TCAF announcements

This official press release brings together all known facts about this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and if the names “Guibert” and “Tatsumi” mean anything to you, you will probably want to be there. A summary: Drawing a diverse array of cartoonists from around the world, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) is a phenomenal […]

What’s up with Nick Gurewich?

It’s been nearly a year since Nicholas Gurewich gave up drawingTHE PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP, so what’s he been doing? Well, for one thing, he has a new shirt. Also, according to a recent site update: The PBF Almanack will be coming out in February. It features a good interview with David Malki! Still waiting to […]


Everyone has commented on how clever and cool is this viral video for WATCHMEN — a fake news broadcast from 1970 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Dr. Manhattan’s “birth.” We agree, except that in 1970, as now, most anchormen had a little more hair. (Which reminds us, every time we see a […]

Random universe, random links

§ Michael C. Lorah conducts a bilingual interview with David B. about his recently released compendium of menacing dreams, NOCTURNAL CONSPIRACIES. § Esther Keller has discovered something that she was not meant to find out: WIMPY KID books are NOT graphic novels…so why are they always topping the GN bestseller lists? When my students are […]

Soooooo tired

Okay, you people have me plum tuckered out. If we haven’t been “debating” men vs. women, we’ve been “debating” liberals vs conservatives, and now racial stereotyping? Except that the debate quickly devolves into the same 10 people arguing the same tired stuff over and over. What is to be done? Turn off the comments? I […]