Comics status report: Hibbs Division

Last Friday’s “Tilting at Windmills” column by Brian Hibbs sums up the comics zeitgeist circa last Friday pretty well. A few bullet points: • Just how bad the fubar over the SPIDER-OBAMA variant covers was — dozens of retailers didn’t realize that they needed to EXCEED, NOT MATCH, their SPIDER-MAN order benchmark and so, because […]

Two from Goldman

Two digital comics from Dan Goldman today: YES WE WILL, which imagines the end of Obama’s first term in 2012. PLUS an excerpt from 08: A GRAPHIC DIARY OF THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL by Michael Crowley and Goldman at The Daily Beast.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/19/09

§ Robot 6 reports the great news that Lance and Carla Hoffman are out of the hospital, while rehab continues. The couple were badly burned last November in the Santa Barbara Tea Fire. § Marc-Oliver Frisch really, really liked FINAL CRISIS #6: What matters is that, ten years from now, when, surrounded by your grandchildren […]

Evil Ex-Boyfriends cast grows

More SCOTT PILGRIM casting news. This is really gonna happen! Studmuffin Chris Evans, a Beat favorite despite his role as the Human Torch in those awful Fantastic Four movies, has been cast as Lucas Lee, one of Ramona Flower’s Seven Evil Ex-Boyfriends that Pilgrim must defeat to win her hand. In the same link, a […]

Spirit of the Season

“Pride” from 1984. (Back when it was still fresh, notice Adam’s riffing with the bass line near the end.) And the new U2 single “Get On Your Boots”, the new theme song for Aldo Shoes.

To Do: January 19 – 25

This is the first week of 2009 that’s genuinely packed with events, with conventions in Dallas and Phoenix, workshops coast to coast, and appearances by everyone from Art Spiegelman to Rob Liefeld. Read on and fill your datebook… Monday, January 19 Chicago, IL, Noon – 1 PM – Kevin Grevioux at Graham Crackers Comics Actor, […]