Meet the Elite Beat Squad: Aaron Humphrey

Meet the Elite Beat Squad winds up this week with Aaron Humphrey, our official intern, who puts together the events chart, posts quotes, and is gradually working on things like updating our sidebar. A masterless ronin who wanders the world while blogging about it, Aaron is currently back in the States looking for permanent work […]

2009 Winter Xeric Winners

The Xeric Foundation has announced its most recent grant recipients. A total of $25,031 was awarded for six comic book projects. Box Brown – Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing Ed Moorman, editor – Ghost Comics: A Benefit Anthology for RS Eden Annie Murphy – I Still Live: Biography of a Spiritualist Ethan Rilly […]


DC previews a new WildStorm miniseries, MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE, by Jeff Parker and Tom Fowler: The solicitation for the issue reads: “Will all patrons please be seated? Tonight you will witness supernatural feats that no mortal mind can comprehend! Your very senses will reel as Mysterius the Great takes the stage after years in absentia! […]

Jay Kennedy Scholarship deadline nears

Via PR: The annual Jay Kennedy Scholarship, in memory of the late King Features editor, was funded by an initial $100,000 grant from the Hearst Foundation/King Features Syndicate and additional generous donations from Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman, Patrick McDonnell and many other prominent cartoonists. Submissions are adjudicated by a panel of top cartoonists and an […]

Jim Woodring and FRANK news

If anyone is not familiar with the surreal, haunting work of Jim Woodring, they are really missing out on one of the finest cartoonists working. Those who are will be excited to hear that Wooding is working on a new FRANK book, as he reports at his blog: If you are so constituted that you […]

Recession Watch: Imagi Studios

Forbes reports on how the ASTRO BOY movie is squeaking through the tough times as Imagi Studios, the production company, searches for funding and so on: Their boss, Douglas Glen, Imagi’s chief executive, had just come back from the American Film Market in Los Angeles, which was devastated by the gloom and doom spanning the […]

More about that darned comic

We know you are sick of that Obama & Spider-Man comic, but not only did the mere announcement of the comic make a lot of news, but news of the comic selling out has also made headlines everywhere. Atlanta: And Oxford Comics, purportedly the only Atlanta retailer to carry the comic, was swamped with comic […]