RIP: Ricardo Montalban

In a day that has sent pop culture fans reeling, we’ve also lost Ricardo Montalban. Best known as the white-suited smoothie from Fantasy Island, the Mexican-born star had an early career in musicals before becoming a regular as a Latin lover, spending time with Tattoo making dreams come true, and making perhaps his strongest impression […]

RIP: Patrick McGoohan

The Beat will surely have more on this later, given her love of the Prisoner. This is just a newsflash until she posts later. The AP story: LOS ANGELES – Patrick McGoohan, an Emmy-winning actor who created and starred in the cult classic television show “The Prisoner,” has died. He was 80. McGoohan died Tuesday […]

Meet the Elite Beat Squad: Paul O’Brien

Our Elite Beat Squad spotlight week continues with implacable Paul O’Brien Best known in these parts for charting Marvel Comics sales (which he has been doing since 2002), Paul is also a respected comics journalist, with his long-running X-Axis site reviewing every X-comic known to humankind, and contributions to Ninth Art. His current ruminations on […]

Pat Johnson takes over Pantheon

Following the layoff of Pantheon publisher Janice Goldklang last week, Random House’s Knopf division has completed its reorganization, Jim Milliot reports. Pat Johnson, formerly head of Knopf, will add Pantheon to her duties, with the title Executive Vice President, Publishing Director, Alfred A. Knopf and Pantheon. Editorial Director Dan Frank, who has spearheaded much of […]

Marvel announces THE STAND gn is direct sales only

After getting some brickbats for shortages of the Obama Spidey comic, Marvel did something yesterday that made comics retailers very, very happy, by announcing that THE STAND graphic novel would be made available only to direct market retailers. What’s more, the book will be available for a special Tuesday, March 10th, release at 9 pm. […]

Exhausted by idea of New York Comic-Con? Go here

If you’re like The Beat and everyone else in the comics industry, the haze from the food and/or other substances induced hangover of the holidays has lifted just in time to see New York Comic-Con hurtling at you like a runaway freight train, resulting in a Wile E. Coyote-like eyeball explosion, complete with bloodshot irises. […]

Cranky Jackson battles Marvel

Samuel L. Jackson says he may not come back at Nick Fury according to one of those runway interviews, which would be sad, because Fury was in the Iron Man movie and would potentially be a big part of that all-star AVengers flick everyone is drooling over. The reason? Marvel is playing hardball with the […]