Pull Quotes: Youth is war

From USA Today‘s interview with Jeff Kinney, author of the DIARY OF A WIMPY KID series: For the cover of the first book, its main color — burnt red — was chosen to match the cover of J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, which also has a discontented narrator, if older and more jaded. “Greg […]

Meet the Elite Beat Squad: Marc-Oliver Frisch

Continuing our spotlight on our valued collaborators here at The Beat, today we spotlight Marc-Oliver Frisch, who reecently moved to Boise (from his native Germany) for educational purposes. Marc-Oliver’s monthly DC Sales Chart analyses have captivated and infuriated in equal parts for the last six years or so. He started them out on Usenet, but […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Have you ever wanted to ask Alan Moore a question? Of course you have. § Michael San Giacomo talks to Harvey Pekar about his upcoming opera: On Jan. 31, Harvey’s opera, “Leave Me Alone” makes its world debut at Oberlin College, just a 45-minute drive from Cleveland, Ohio. And as Pekar might say, if […]

Obama IS too popular, at least in comics

The other day, we approvingly noted how much international press this week’s Spider-Man/Barack Obama team-up comic had gotten. Tons of press, appearances on everything from Drudge to CNN to Rachel Maddow, it’s all good, right? Well, you’d think so, except that Marvel’s ordering policies on the book have retailers complaining that they won’t have enough […]

Diamond’s Top Ten for 2008

Diamond sent out a press release with their top ten comics and GNs of ’08, along with a publisher chart. We know you LOVE the charts, so here we go: Marvel Comics’ Secret Invasion #1 was the best-selling comic book title for 2008 based on total unit sales to comic book specialty shops, according to […]

Recession Watch: Trouble at comics retail

The LA Daily News profiles Earth-2 Comics in Sherman Oaks, and reports that sales are definitely down: In the year leading up to its Black Friday post-Thanksgiving supersale, Earth-2 Comics owners said it suffered a 20 percent drop in revenue. That means one in five buyers who had eagerly appeared each Wednesday to pick up […]

2008 Manga Report Card for Aurora

Ed Chavez begins a series of very detailed report cards on various manga publishers, and starts with Aurora Publishing, home of mostly female-focused manga, including josei. Aurora Publishing tried to rectify that problem. Already a leader in manga for women in Japan, Ohzora’s catalog of josei titles cannot be rivaled. Their titles dominate the josei/ladies […]

James Jean’s “Kindling” show

James Jean’s first painting show is now on view (until February 7) and online, but if you’re pining for a painting, don’t get your hopes up — it was sold out before the show even opened. We got to view the show on Friday at the “preview” opening, which was still pretty damned crowded, but […]