Who is Josh Tyler Anyway?

Josh Tyler’s sexist, illogical, rambling, shrill screed over why we don’t need more female superheroes is getting all the disdain it deserves, but a little link blogging has revealed that this is the same guy who kind of went mental over any critic who didn’t think THE DARK KNIGHT was the greatest piece of art […]

Tomorrow to do: S. Clay Wilson benefit

Readers may recall that underground legend S. Clay Wilson suffered a severe brain injury back in November. Although he’s making progress towards a recovery, he needs much therapy — expensive therapy. Tomorrow, Sunday, a benefit for Wilson will be held at the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco with a raucous assemblage that Wilson would be […]

WATCHMEN talks “fruitful” and “productive”

According to the trades and blogs, Warners and Fox are busy talking behind the scenes to resolve the WATCHMEN spat, and talks are getting…somewhere. Nikki Finke rounds up the news and gossip: According to court documents, Fox and Warner Bros have conducted the settlement talks since last weekend and made concessions. This is surprising since […]