Wizard World cancels two shows — UPDATED

Newsarama reports what we’ve been hearing all morning: Wizard World is canceling their Los Angeles and Dallas shows. WizardWorld LA was scheduled for March 13-15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center; and Dallas for November 6-8. Newsarama confirmed the information about the L.A. show early Friday afernoon when a spokesperson for the L.A. Convention Center […]

DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: November 2008

by Marc-Oliver Frisch While the economic crisis still didn’t seem to have any noticeable effect on the periodical comics direct market in November, the unplanned absence of several major titles certainly did. In the case of DC Comics, the offenders were – take a deep breath – Final Crisis, All Star Batman, Justice League of […]

WATCHMEN producer speaks

Lloyd Levin, one of the producers of WATCHMEN, breaks his silence to speak of the film’s arduous path to the screen. As you might guess, he thinks Fox is being a real dog in the manger here. After 9/11 some felt the story’s themes were too close to reality ever to be palatable to a […]

Movie award roundup

With the Golden Globes taking place this weekend and the Oscar® nominations due shortly, it’s time to look at where the nerd and animated movies are ranking. Short answer: pretty well. First, DARK KNIGHT. You may have heard of this film? It’s scored nominations for Best Director from the DGA, best Adapted Screenplay from the […]

Female superhero fight!

Well, well, the debate over Josh Tyler’s mild statement We Don’t Need More Female Superheroes is getting a few ladies riled up. Dodai at Jezebel’s hackles are raised right up.: First: I’m a woman who hates Julia Roberts. I hated that hooker with the heart of gold movie, found it to be condescending and nauseating, […]

Land o’ LInks

§ First off, a huge APOLOGY to Douglas Wolk, whose answers to our 2009 survey were inadvertently dropped. Douglas’s thoughts were too pertinent and cogent to leave out, so we’ve put them at the end of Part III: just scroll down. § Disney is assailing Castle Boy again, writes Peter Sanders in the WSJ. Although […]