Pull Quotes: Where for art thou, Norse dialogue?

Stan Lee talks to Marvel.com about writing a new story for THOR #600, and how times have changed: “When I used to write Thor, I had all the characters talk the way I imagined that Norse gods would talk. “Thou shalt not” and “get thee gone” and “so be it” and stuff like that. But […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: November 2008

by Paul O’Brien November was meant to be the final month of SECRET INVASION, but that slipped into December, taking some high-profile crossover issues with it. In fact, perhaps the most striking feature of this month’s chart is the number of high profile books that are missing: no SECRET INVASION, no NEW AVENGERS, no MIGHTY […]

NYCC panel lineup announced

New York Comic-Con has announced its programming for the Feb 6-8 show. There’s lots to like, with a lot of diversity and variety among the topics. The major film and TV programming will be unveiled closer to the show date. We’re scheduled for two panels: The Beat Presents The Art of Storytelling Sunday 11:15 AM […]

CEREBUS: A Diablog

As briefly noted, yesterday marked the debut of Cerebus: A Diablog which features journalist Laura Hudson and Top Shelf’s Leigh Walton blogging each issue of CEREBUS, one issue a week. (That’s nearly 6 years of labor. Will there even BE blogs by then?) It’s a strong debut, as the millennial duo parses the grammar of […]

Wossy Wampage at Marvel?

As you know, we’re a bit skeptical of celebrities who suddenly yearn to write comics, having discovered this long-buried dream now that comic book movies are all the rage in Hollywood. There are a few slebs we’ll give a pass to, however, based on the fact that they were out and about being comics lovers […]

WATCHMEN’s clock is ticking down

As previously reported, Fox and Warners, both embroiled in the legal struggle over the WATCHMEN movie, had agreed to wait until January 20th to have Judge Gary Feess rule on whether Warners would be able to release the movie as planned. However, with the clock ticking, Warners is trying to get the date moved up, […]

Isadora Duncan, Sabrina Jones, and the Brooklyn Museum

The other night we attended a very cool event at the Brooklyn Museum of Art: an evening of dance and comics strips. The occasion was a celebration of dance pioneer Isadora Duncan. The evening featured a full slate of dance from Lori Belilove and the Isadora Duncan Dance Company, while cartoonist Sabrina Jones presented biographical […]

Shuster Award blog updated

Canadians! They look just like us. They act very much like us. But they are not us. They are Canadians. You may find this exhaustive list of Canadian cartoonists disturbing — it is truly shocking how much work by Canadians has been allowed to slip into the US marketplace. The document is cleverly disguised as […]

Studio Coffee Run: Rourke, Rockwell, WB

§ Mickey Rourke is completing his “comeback” by playing a villain in IRON MAN 2, it was widely reported yesterday. Sam Rockwell is also playing a villain. Or at least they are both “in negotiations,” which means someone sent them a script. However, just who each will be playing is a matter of some confusion. […]