Happy New Year, Beat Nation!

We’re rolling up the RSS feeds and email drops here at Stately Beat Manor, piling up the fireplace, heating up the mulled cider, and settling in to see the new year and new decade in. We still have a few looks back before we move forward. And forward we shall be moving. The Beat will […]

Disney buys Marvel: Stockholders approve

PR via Nikki Finke: Marvel Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: MVL), a global character-based entertainment and licensing company founded in 1939, announced that at a special meeting held this morning, Marvel stockholders approved the adoption of the Agreement and Plan of Merger entered into by Marvel and The Walt Disney Company (“Disney”), which provides for a merger […]

2009: Those who left us

A brief tribute to some of the cartoonists and pop-culture related deaths during the last 12 months: Bob May Ricardo Montalban Patrick McGoohan

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits: End of Aughts edition

And so, we wave goodbye to the decade that everyone hated, that had no name, that changed the world much for the worse…here’s some reading while you wait to pop open the bubbly and pray for better times. § Chris Butcher finishes his Previews liveblogging for the month. 2:22pm: Did not get a Christmas Card […]

Robert Kirkman as you’ve never seen him before

…unless you are his wife. Apparently Kirkman trims his beard before conventions but lets it grow to Little House on the Prairie dimensions when hanging around the house. Via Twitter.

Spotlight on: Putting things that explode near your junk

With underpants bombs making headline everywhere, a look at similar comics themes of groinal aggression have hit a few blogs. Comics Alliance examines a Punisher action figure from Toy Biz who is so glad to see you, he’s going to blow you to kingdom come with a giant ground to air missile launcher emerging from […]

io9 cover gallery

Graeme McMillan rounds up 100 Amazing Comic Covers From The Last Ten Years. Was this the Greatest Decade in Comics History or not?

RIP David Levine

Illustrator David Levine has passed away at age 83. In addition to being one of the most iconic illustrators of his era — his caricatures defined the New York Review of Books for decades — he was also the subject of Fantagraphics’ AMERCAN PRESIDENTS. Mr. Levine’s drawings never seemed whimsical, like those of Al Hirschfeld. […]

End of [something] links and so on

§ Not-end-of-[something]: Congrats to Jason Lutes and family on the recent arrival of Maximilian Pepper Warren-Lutes. • Long pieces suitable for free-time reading: Abhay Khosla uses Blue Beetle as a launching point for…something. • Jog’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival musings, transcribings, and dialogs. § Brigid Alverson looks at The year in manga, which was […]

Captain Don Draper?

Star Trek: The Mad Generation via Derek Kirk Kim. This could sum up either the ’00s, the ’80s, the ’60s, or the 24th century.

Tonight to do: ARTBREAK with Kidd, Heatley, Neufeld, Shaw

We’re informed that you can buy discount tickets here and at the door with codeword COMIX. More info here..

The Famous Artists Cartooning Course

If you could draw “Lucky”, you could take this course! ComiCrazy has been posting the famed lesson plan of the Famous Artists Cartooning Course, and only those who can hold a Speedball need apply. More here.

Let’s all talk about Sales Charts

Various talk about various charts and actual figures. You know the drill. Brian Wood posts his actual sales figures for some of his graphic novels in this Standard Attrition thread: Aug 4th: Northlanders Vol 2 is released, with direct market orders of: 4,287 copies. Sep 30th: My royalty sheet is tallied up and the total […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — between holidays edition

§ Via Rich Johnston, a heartbreaking story with photos of a man’s life’s work left out in the rain on the street. Angoulême co-founder Claude Moliterni died last year, and apparently his possessions were given to a used book dealer who took the good stuff and left the rest out on the garbage. Sickening. § […]

News rumbles: Keenspot, Blackest Night, Haven

While we’re gearing up for a few end of year posts here, pointers to news items that are making a few ripples in the quietest week of the year. Of course as soon as we say that, Universal will buy Dark Horse. § Pioneering webcomics portal Keenspot is radically changing its business model; Gary Tyrrell […]

Happy 87th birthday, Stan Lee

The Man Abides. He also twitters, and if you are following Smilinstanlee, you can only marvel (yes) at how a man approaching his 10th decade can be such a master of the social networking. Although Stan will forever be a controversial figure, his longevity and adaptability — at an age when most people are marking […]