Catching up on publishing news

If you have a little downtime over the holidays, you could do much worse than by reading The Comics Reporter’s yearend series of interviews: Fantagraphics co-publisher Kim Thompson Scholar and critic Jeet Heer A looooong interview on mainstream comics with Tucker Stone Indie comics with Sean T. Collins PictureBox’s Dan Nadel and the always interesting […]

Media Watch: NY Times on webcomics, Jack Johnson

The comics-loving New York Times ran a couple of comic-themed pieces over the holiday. Leslie Berlin sums up the changes brewing in the comic strip world as Internet syndication takes over from newspaper syndication, in a judiciously wide-ranging piece, which unlike some NYT pieces on webcomics, has much accurate information. In many ways, Stephan Pastis […]

Manga rumblings

Along with everything else in the world, the future of manga in the US is being examined — not that it’s going anywhere, but a few of the weaker companies may get picked off during the tough times ahead. Ed Chavez has a loooong list of manga titles from many, many publishers that are MIA, […]

Movies: Stephen Chow watch, DAWN TREADER founders?

We all know that superstar Stephen Chow has dropped out as the director of the upcoming GREEN HORNET movie, but could it be to make way for a project that is more suitable for his genius? Chow, whose credits include “Shaolin Soccer” and “Kung Fu Hustle,” said over the weekend that he wants to free […]

Life in the slow lane

We’re back at the keyboard after a week of horrible holiday travel…As bad as it was, other people had it worse. As we finally got home after a four-hour delay on Saturday night, we saw people sleeping on the floor of the shabby Delta terminal at JFK, and stories of people stranded for 2 or […]

RIP Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt died yesterday at age 81. Many people are called “legendary,” but Kitt truly was, as a singer, dancer, and actress. Julie Newmar may have been the #1 Catwoman on the campy Batman TV show, but Kitt was probably the most feline and villainous. As a cabaret singer she was an unsurpassed stylist, and […]

For your viewing pleasure

AND… A new holiday offering at Quick Stop Entertainment that Venture fans will enjoy, if they haven’t already. Finally…when you need a laugh… Thanks to Jimmy P. for the last link.

Ho Ho Holiday Travel

Since THE BEAT herself might not be in a position to post right now, I’m fairly certain this is a sentiment that she would most likely want expressed at this festive time of year. US AIRWAYS = !^%#&^!%$!*!@(* I don’t know if it’s the crappy weather all over the country or the amount of people […]