Cherchez la femme…again and again and again

J. Caleb Mozzocco at Blog@ had a good post yesterday about women in comics. Again? Yes, again. Mozzocco tries to put a positive spin on things — pointing out that writers G. Willow Wilson, Amy Woolfram, Ivory Madison, Grace Randolph and Marjorie Liu all debuted this year or last year. And Amanda Conner, Amy Reeder […]

Frank Miller to direct BUCK ROGERS?

Just ahead of THE SPIRIT’s opening day, director Frank Miller is supposedly “eyeing” Buck Rogers, which could be alarming or exciting, depending on how you look at it. Odd Lot, the production shingle which made THE SPIRIT, is negotiating for BUCK ROGERS, which is controlled by longtime Miller pal Flint Dille. Miller will write and […]


Asian film superstar Stephen Chow is no longer directing the GREEN HORNET movie, although he will still star as sidekick Kato. The reason given is “creative differences.” And so, our interest in this movie went from 100 to about -10. In shape, Seth Rogen, or not.

Financial Fretting: 12/19/08

Just to keep the holiday spirit going, here’s a roundup of recession rumbling from the comics world: • Rick Veitch notes that he has received a notice from Diamond indicating that “offered again” items will be scrutinized more: In the solicitation package I just received from Diamond Distribution, suppliers are being notified that due to […]


Well, things are slowing down everywhere you look. To be honest, we’re really dragging here at Stately Beat Manor. If it isn’t the brutal holiday party schedule, it’s the stress, the rushing around, the shopping, the worries, and so on. We’ll be on VACATION all next week, and today we’re officially going into slowdown mode. […]