Shouldn’t this book be called SAVAGE TAILS?

Edited to add….we found more! This one should be called SAVAGE LUMBAR REGION!

Webcomics ad networks — one goes, one arrives

We’re been hearing some rumblings of late that ADSDAQ, a web advertising network, has been dumping webcomics. BookElves had some rumblings back in August: One of the things that really tripped us up this year is ADSDAQ. We signed on with them early this year, and right off the bat did a terrific month of […]

Comics periodical sales down 11 percent in November

That’s the bad news. However, ICV2 attributes it to the fact that so many top titles were absent in November. The top comic titles were AWOL in November, leading to a weak month over-all. Six of the top ten comics in October (Secret Invasion, Final Crisis, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Astonishing X-Men, and Justice League […]

More on Devil’s Due

As we’ve alluded to several times, there are a handful of comics companies that one keeps hearing persistent rumors about of late. One such company is Devil’s Due, and Rich Johnston gets CEO Josh Blaylock to comment. Blaylock blames bookstore returns for an economic downturn that resulted in laying off several staffers and halting much […]

Interviews: Shaw, Sally

Whitney Matheson interviews one of the Top 100 people of 2008, Dash Shaw. This is a long quote, but it’s a good one: What do you like about publishing online? Immediacy. Most of the print comics you read are reacting to the climate of the world and life of the cartoonist about a year or […]

Bono speaks of Spidey!

We’ve devoted many items to the eventual Spider-Man musical, and we expect to devote more to it, because the damned thing doesn’t open for months and months. However, there’s one thing we haven’t linked to yet: what songwriter BONO THINKS OF SPIDER-MAN. Luckily, a fact-filled update from The Times UK, delivers the goods: Bono has […]


Not yet embeddable, but a nice sharp version is here. Based on a couple of viewings, it’s safe to say that this movie will be filled with two things: hot guys and shit flying through the air.


From the tone of his email, Tony Lee was very excited about this. We guess some others will be, too, although it whooshed right over our head. The double page splash from issue #6 of Doctor Who: The Forgotten, out January 21st (IDW) that I’ve been talking about for a year. Art by Kelly Yates.

Wonders of the world #1

A video of Peter Bagge’s new band, Can You Imagine?, from the Fantagraphics store party.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

It is really slowing down for the holidays. But a few people are limping to the finish line. § Kyle Baker recounts a funny anecdote and reproduces an old piece of his art, above. § An alarming number of Whitney Matheson’s Top 100 People of 2008: Nos. 80-100 have comics connections. § Matt Maxwell has […]